Monday, September 15, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 2

Pay did a near perfect job with the season debut of the FourCast last week, so it’s only fair I take away all of that positive mojo and momentum.

As if you didn’t hear enough from me this weekend.

#1. Reality Check for Several Teams

So who’s 0-2? Miami, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Detroit, and St. Louis had to expect to fall onto tough times this season. However, there are a few “other” teams who couldn’t have anticipated such a start, brutal schedule or not. Cleveland had playoff hopes; instead, they’ve been non-competitive AT HOME against Dallas and Pittsburgh. San Diego, screwed in their last game, has lost in the closing moments in each game. Minnesota still has Tarvaris-issues and choked away a 15-point second half lead against Indy AT HOME. Meanwhile, everyone on the roster in Seattle appears primed for the IR and Jacksonville is turning over the ball far too much not to be 0-2. Scary times indeed for several of the playoff-predicted.

#2. It’s not Brady or Belichick: It’s Both

As a Jet fan, I knew exactly what was going to happen Sunday. As always, the Jets would play New England tough, but not nearly tough enough. We’d (when you suffer like us, you get to say WE) be given a chance or two to make that stop or score that TD. But we didn’t. Is it because of us? Partially. Far more of it has to do though with who gameplans against us. The focus of the past week spent far too much time debating whether Belicheat could win without Brady. Of course he can. Instead of being in Cleveland, he’s surrounded in Foxboro by Pro Bowl talent, incredible veteran leadership (but not from Moss, mind you), and a couple dozen guys with more than a couple Super Bowl rings already. Instead of simply writing off the Pats (or believing they’ll be just fine without Brady), I continue to tell everyone to allow a few weeks to settle and see how the Pats compete against the real meat of their schedule. Not the Jets and their aging QB.

#3. Don’t Believe the Hype…because it MIGHT be True

Last week Pay wisely warned us about a few younger QBs in the NFL. One of them, you need not worry: Aaron Rodgers. While there’s likely to be a few growing pains and his health has never proven to be anything less than satisfactory, Rodgers has fantastic ability and the perfect motivation. Brett Favre is still playing. If Favre had retired, it’s likely Rodgers might’ve relaxed in the shadow of Favre. Instead, he’s trying to put Favre and his legacy in the rear seat immediately. Is it likely to happen? Who knows? What I do know is that Rodgers, whose mechanics look flawless yesterday compared to those at the combine three-plus years ago, looks light years ahead of the draft disgust that plagued him during late-March and early-April in 2005. Remember this folks. Rodgers was drafted 23 spots BEHIND #1 overall selection Alex Smith. Whoops.

#4. Tragedy in the Heartland
I’m not going to go Berman on the horrific situation. Instead, I’m going to ask for you all to do things:
1) Educate yourself on what’s going on.
2) Consider giving whatever you can.

This is far bigger than the NFL or fantasy football. Even if it’s hard to sometimes remember that, sadly.

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