Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Night Live: 5 College Football & 5 Non-College Football Thoughts

Okay, so technically I'm staring at my computer's clock and it's 12:52am. I know that makes it Sunday morning and SNL (which I haven't watched since Kevin Nealon was doing the Weekend Update) is over anyways.

Nevertheless, I like to set up barriers just so I can knock them down!

I missed out on tonight's USC/OSU (live, at least) to play tennis with a bitter rival. A terrible start put me in a 6-3, 6-3 hole and throwing my racket two more times than anyone else at the 16-court park. My bad! However, I dug deep down after trailing 5-3 and ended up taking the next three sets successively 7-5, 6-4, and 7-5. Two words sum up my night: boo ya.

Boo no was watching USC/OSU on fast forward (x2) with my DVR.

One word there: OUCH!

Let's get into the meat and potatoes (boy would that be good now) of my late-night rambling...

...5 College Football "Quick Hit" Thoughts...

1) USC is good. Real good. Scary good. Insanely good. While OSU was down Beanie Wells and lacked a true offensive identity, the Trojans went up and down the field at will. Honestly, this team is so talented it deserves the #1 and #2 spot in the rankings next week.

2) Georgia won on the road in South Carolina...who cares if it wasn't pretty. Moreno's TD was still a work of art and Stafford made enough NFL-quality throws. It's good to have a defense that can hold a competent team to 7 points (on the road, no less) and anytime you win at an SEC opponent, you take it.

3) 3-2? Seriously? That was the score between Auburn and Mississippi State. I remember a spectacular NFC Title game that might've ended 6-5 if it wasn't for Bert Emanuel's "non-catch" and a guy named Ricky Proehl. What a score. Who cares about analyzing the game? That's National League baseball at its best!

4) Wisconsin has Fresno State 13-7 right now, but there is a TON of time left. If they can return to Camp Randall without an L, they may be in the driver's seat (for now) in the Big Ten. Especially when considering long-term health issues for the aformentioned Beanie Wells.

5) My Red Raiders and my Tigers (of Missouri) keep beating down opponents they should. While WVU choked on me early (good win btw for ECU @ Tulane), I'm sticking with my guns on two of the "shakiest" of Big XII title contenders. Watch out haters!

...and now for the rest...

...5 College Football "Quick Hit" Thoughts...

1) K-Rod breaks Bobby Thigpen's mark. Good for him. He's uber-talented and soon to become even richer this offseason. Will his arm be tired in October, does this mark really equal some of the greats, is he better than Rivera/Papelbon...that can all wait. Let him enjoy a record-smashing season.

2) UFC and MMA has dwarfed boxing. Please, don't be afraid of this high-octane, amazing sport. Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock actually has cache. More important, I'm on the lookout for two HUGE fights (Rashad Evans v. Forrest Griffin & BJ Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre). Come on Dana White...DO IT!

3) Ike delays Houston/Baltimore. How many fantasy owners will be reeling late tonight or early tomorrow? Biggest losers have to be AJ owners. Right behind them, McGahee owners. While there are others who COULD start (Schaub, Clayton, Heap, etc.) it's those two who might hurt the most. Bye weeks later will be softened, but I could see a loss or two (by me!) because of this cancellation.

4) Charlie Weis hurt on the sideline. I am not a huge fan of Weis, but I feel for his pain. As a coach, I'll have to protect my knees (already each has been surgically repaired) from plays that extend beyond the field. I don't want to be mean, but Weis's weight is a turnoff to the point where I won't watch "entertaining" Notre Dame games (when are those again?). As a bigger guy myself, even I realize that Weis needs to quit the quick-fix surgery route and get on a routine that is much more proven and less taxing on one's heart. He's a moment away by the looks of it.

5) Wild-Card race. Wake me up in two weeks. Maybe it's my Yankee-moaning or the fact that I can't get behind some of these teams. I just am not interested one bit right now. Sorry.

That's that. Two more words: Good Night!

Until tomorrow morning...

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