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PHSports College Football Top 10: 1st Week of September

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...back to college football speak...

Quite an exciting opening weekend, right? While analysis galore has ensued all week, that doesn’t mean the rankings have to suffer!

While an exact post date (Monday mornings?) isn’t set in stone just yet…I’m working on it. Nevertheless, each and every week you’ll find the real top 10 of college football’s elite.

Let’s stop this incoherent babbling before it gets the best of me and get right to it!

..starting at the bottom...

10. Wisconsin Badgers
It should come as no surprise that their 38-17 whooping over Akron last weekend was dictated by 200+-yard rusher P.J. Hill. Another year, another fantastic RB in Madison. Suddenly, October 4th against Big Ten-favorite Ohio State may not only be a battle for a Rose Bowl birth, but also national title implications. Look out for a trap game this weekend though against the Herd.
Next Up: Hosting Marshall on September 6th

9. Texas Tech Red Raiders
Their next three matchups (@Nevada, SMU, & UMASS) better be ROUTES as this team will continue to fight for top 10 credibility. Nevertheless, sensational QB Harrell should have racked up 15+ TDs by that point…easy.
Next Up: Traveling to Nevada on September 6th.

8. LSU Tigers
It should come as no shock that the defending national champs completely overwhelmed Appalachian State, even at 11am (was that so bad?). This is a team scarily under the radar.
Next Up: Hosting Troy on September 6th…maybe. Gustav may unfortunately have a thing or two to say about that.

7. Oklahoma Sooners
Ever seen a 57-2 final? Probably not. Nevertheless, the Sooners remain legit national title contenders, mainly due to their loaded offense and plenty of veteran leadership on the defense. I remain a little skeptical of them not losing 2-3 games though. Am I crazy to think that?
Next Up: Cincinnati in an interesting afternoon matchup on September 6th.

6. Florida Gators
While eyes may glance over to their Sept. 20th matchup against the Vols (who had a bad loss for the SEC last Monday @UCLA), Heisman-winner Tebow and company should get back Percy Harvin (I think) against the Cannes this weekend. This matchup is obviously a real showcase opportunity for both Randy Shannon and Urban Meyer. Guess who I’m picking???
Next Up: Miami is in town on September 6th to renew their “rivalry”.

5. West Virginia Mountaineers
A lot of people are questioning me ranking the Mountaineers so highly; however, at least the Big East didn’t have as bad a weekend as the ACC. Pat White tossed 5 TDs last week (how many weeks did that take last year to equal?) and now head coach Bill Stewart gets to pick his team up for those pesky pirates of East Carolina, fresh off a big-time W over the Hokies in Charlotte.
Next Up: Traveling to ECU (not Charlotte) to take on the upset-minded Pirate on September 6th

4. Ohio State Buckeyes
Collective sigh of relief with the Beanie Wells situation? Not likely. What’s even scarier for the Buckeyes is the fact that USC (who was AMAZING against UVA) gets a week off before the Buckeyes come to the Rose Bowl. Two words: uh oh.
Next Up: The Bobcats of Ohio are in Columbus on September 6th. Do I smell a trap game???

3. Missouri Tigers
How scary was that second half against Juice “5 TD” Williams and the Illini this past Saturday night for Tiger fans? I was entertained throughout and honestly believe the Tigers have enough offense to contend with a LOADED Big XII. While they may not have the stoppers to keep this ranking for as long as I anticipated, I love this team and everything about them. Jeremy Maclain may be the best ticket in college football this season.
Next Up: SMS (that’s Southeast Missouri State) comes to Columbia September 6th.

2. Georgia Bulldogs
I go ahead and prop up the Dawgs as my pre-season #1 and then proceed to knock them down below the Trojans after one measily week. While this is obviously more an ode to the Trojans, you better believe me when I say that I’m not knocking the performance of Stafford and co. this past weekend. You have to love this stat line for Knowshon Moreno: 8 rushes, 59 yards, 3 TDs. Save him for the brunt of the schedule Mark Richt, please. The injury to DT Jeff Owens hurts…but won’t cost them any of their half-dozen marquee games.
Next Up: CMU is in Athens on September 6th.

1. USC Trojans
I really can’t add anything to Mark Sanchez’s awesome performance with Track Star U in Charlottesville except…I could’ve been there (fantasy drafts always take precendence). While UVA is far from dynamic, the Trojans didn’t flinch en route to an ugly beatdown of the Wahoos on their opposite coast. While the health of Beanie Wells will be a MAJOR issue in two weeks (or maybe just an excuse), I still can’t help but heavily favor the Trojans against the Buckeyes – in the Rose Bowl – in two weeks. What a matchup that "should" be. The Trojan secondary is my major focus that night.
Next Up: A likely showdown for the #1 spot in these rankings (and several others) in two weeks on September 13th in primetime against the Buckeyes.

Dropped Out: Clemson (annihilated by Alabama in Atlanta…SHOCKER)
Inserted: Wisconsin (RAN all over Akron at home)
On the Fringe: Auburn, Texas, Arizona State, Alabama, and BYU

5 Games I’m Targeting this Weekend
#2. Ohio State vs. Ohio
-Obviously the Beanie Wells situation makes the box score important. With him not in the lineup, I’m interested in checking out the depth at that position in Columbus.

#8 West Virginia vs. East Carolina
-Could the Pirates go 2-0 against ranked opponents? The weather is going to be a MAJOR factor as well.

#5. Florida vs. Miami (Fl)
-A real litmus test for everyone involved. How far are the Cannes away still? 21.5 points???

#12. Texas Tech vs. Nevada
-This game could easily surpass 100 points. Seriously.

#15. Arizona State vs. Stanford
-Rudy Carpenter fascinates me for some reason. Enough said.

Until next top 10…

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Paymon said...

Good call on the WVU-ECU upset alert. The other fraud in your top 10 is Texas Tech. Unless Mike Leach recruited a defense, they won't win 56-42 every week.

My Buffs almost lost Eastern Washington (down 14 at the half at home), so I'm thankful.