Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Sunday: Live Updates & Mini-Analysis


-Close non-call on a deep ball from Kurt Warner to Steve Breaston that winds up a deflected ball, Carlos Rogers INT, and Skins ball inside the red zone in a 17-17 game. (What a surprise, Cards keep this series close and LOSE at the end every time!) Small screen to Santana Moss leads to 24-17.

-Ronnie Brown has 5 TDs. 4 rushing and 1 passing. Anthony Fassano is back to fantasy elite-status as a TE. Meanwhile, is Randy Moss already giving up with a shaky QB? Probably. Phins are up 35-13 and will snap New England's 21-game regular season winning streak.

-Larry Johnson owners can breathe...for now. 100+ yards and a RUSH TD help out those who idiotically believed in him.

-Oakland up 16-7 at Buffalo. Interesting, indeed.

-Matt Schaub looks as bad as Tyler Thigpen this week. When will we first see Sage this season?

-Brandon Lloyd caught a TD pass. Vinny Cerato has to be smiling somewhere, right?

-Bengals clinging to the Giants, trailing 16-13. Antonio Chatman seems to be this team's #1, catching countless slip screens for minimal yardage. Where are you Ocho Cinco?

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