Thursday, September 25, 2008

NFL Picks & Prognostications...Week 4

This is how we do it…

NFL Picks: 6-7 [I really need to start picking some freebies.]
Upset Special: 1-3 [Well damn!]

San Francisco @ New Orleans(-5)
Is the J.T. O’Sullivan Project really worthy of a 3-1 start? Sure! However, I’m taking the desperate Saints to take the W, barely, despite a porous secondary and a complete inability to convert on 3rd and short late in the 4th quarter.

Minnesota @ Tennessee (-3)
Minnesota dug itself out of a hole with Frerrotte at the helms (like I said!) and they are rewarded with the NFL’s “worst” 3-0 team ever (at least according to the “experts”) in Tennessee. I’ll take Jeff Fisher over Brad Childress any day. Especially in Nashville. Beware of a monster day for APete though.

Washington @ Dallas(-11)
Landmark matchup in Week 4. Seriously. With neither of the teams in this STACKED division having lost outside of the division (Dallas & NY 3-0 as well), this game means a TON. Dallas must defend homefield and the Skins must continue spreading the ball out all over the field. Santana Moss loves eating up the Big D secondary. It’s gonna be nail-biter to the very end, but I’ll take the Boys for now.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-5 1/2)
Who’d have thunk the Ravens would be 2-0 after three weeks? Nobody. Then again, nobody predicted their Week 2 matchup against Houston would’ve been postponed until Week 10. Funny thing is, they’d probably be 3-0 if they’d gotten to play that game. Nevertheless, the Ravens can go 3-0 in division with a road win here. Despite a banged up Big Ben, I’m taking the Stillers to cruise. Rashard Mendenhall looks awful by the way.

Upset Special
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay (-1)
Battle of the Bays sans-Sapp and Favre now. Oh well. Tampa is again a sneaky team at 2-1 and Green Bay looks to shake off the Sunday night loss to Big D at Lambeau. The Pack travel well as of late (most 13-3 teams do) and I see no reason they can’t contain Griese, Graham, and company Sunday afternoon.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits


…Last Week…
Justin Gage didn’t play (thanks!), Ike Bruce thankfully added a TD to his crummy 19 yards, and Darren Sproles wasn’t a factor (maybe the only Charger who wasn't too).

…This Week…
Ike Hillard will further frustrate Galloway owners as the TD-catching Buc, Patrick Crayton has to a catch a TD (seriously), and Kerry Collins will toss two TDs against the Vikes this weekend.


…Last Week…
Mark Clayton wasn’t a factor at any point, DeSean Jackson had nowhere to go but down, and LJ owners breathed a sigh of relief (at least for one week) with a rock solid second-half performance.

…This Week…
DeSean Jackson needs to be traded now while his value is at its highest, Willis McGahee is too frustrating to even hover around a starting lineup these days, and Brian Griese won’t get half of 400 yards against a brutal Pack secondary.

…yes I realize the irony of choosing a Buc wideout and not its starting QB…

Enjoy your NFL and fantasy weekends.
I know I won’t!

Until next picks and prognostications…

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