Saturday, September 20, 2008

LIVE PHSports Saturday College Football Top Ten Rankings

I know it's a jam-packed Saturday of sports (from Ryder Cup to pennant races to the second-t0-last game at Yankee Stadium to exciting WNBA action to ....), so thanks for being here!

After a freak-injury in practice on Friday (yes, I coach middle school football) and car issues today (I love being stuck with my girlfriend's '94 Ford Explorer!)...I'm trying to be there for you all.

Call it fortuitous timing or just an all-out advantage; however, knowing a few results already and having a few key games going out right now has only aided me giving you THE best top 10 possible.

As if you expected anything less?

...starting at the bottom...

10. Texas Longhorns
Their game against Arkansas postponed, the Longhorns remain hovering around most top 10 teams. They'll have their chance to make a statement on October 4th when the visit the Buffaloes in Colorado.

9. Wisconsin Badgers
After holding on 13-10 against a high-scoring Fresno State team (in California), the Badgers are off until the 28th when the visit the Big House. That October 4th meeting in Camp Randall against the Buckeyes will be HUGE for this team's Rose Bowl/National Title aspirations.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders
UMASS in town this weekend should mean another 50-point outing. Respectability will be tested with unranked Big XII opponents Kansas State and Nebraska in the docket in the coming weeks.

7. Auburn Tigers
I can't help but love a team who wins a hard-fought SEC game 3-2. They get their first real shot at making national noise with LSU in town this weekend. Brutal, indeed.

6. LSU Tigers
Part of the aforementioned matchup with the Tigers of Auburn, the Bayou Bengals remain a relatively unknown entity...that is until this matchup goes final.

5. Florida Gators
Traveling to Knoxville, where I have to think another blowout might spell doom for national title-winning coach Phillip Fulmer, Urban Meyer's intensity and passion to stomp the Vols bleeds throughout his entire roster during this "rivalry" games. Somebody page Tee Martin to help the Vols out. At 17-0 with 3 minutes to go in the first quarter, those "experts" calling for a Vols-upset are sweating it out more than a little bit.

4. Oklahoma Sooners
Leapfrogging the Bulldogs in most national polls, Boomer Sooner looks white-hot after straight up annihilating the Huskies of Washington. While it's not the immediate game, the Red River Shootout on October 11th against the Longhorns will be the early statement game for Oklahoma to convince everyone they are a step above the Bulldogs, Gators, and (my) Tigers.

3. Missouri Tigers
27-14 against Buffalo, unless it's the Bills maybe, isn't the prettiest site. Nevertheless, the Tigers are wading through the easier part of their schedule...that is until Nebraska on October 4th. The Huskers will have a few things to say about Big XII north supremacy. Remember, Mizzou doesn't have Oklahoma, Texas Tech, or Kansas on its schedule. Don't sleep on these Tigers.

2. Georgia Bulldogs
Their west-coast trip to take on Dennis Erickson's Sun Devils took a major blow when UNLV shocked ASU late last weekened. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs have plenty to prove - especially QB Stafford - with doubters piling up and an SEC-West STACKED matchup taking precedence this weekend. I still believe in you Mark Richt.

1. USC Trojans
September 25th against Oregon State. Look out Beavers.

Dropped Out: Ohio State (USC is that good, Ohio State isn't that bad though.)
Inserted: Auburn (Win 3-2 and jump up into the 7-spot? You betcha!)
On the Fringe: Alabama, South Florida, BYU, & Wake Forest)

No need for the "5 Games" this's all out there for ya!

Until next rankings...

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