Monday, September 22, 2008

JagsFan Was Correct

When I started this site almost two years ago, the guiding principle was and still is accountability. When we are right, we recognize it (sometimes, we gloat, and by we, I mean Sum in reference to accurately predicting a 4-12 record for KC last season). When we are wrong, we do the same.

That's why I have to recognize JagsFan for his bold assertion that the Jaguars would gain at least 200 yards on the ground. Forty-eight carries and 236 yards later (average of 4.9 ypc), Jacksonville chopped wood en route to a surprising 23-21 win over Indianapolis. After two games, despite Bob Sanders's injury, there was no reason to believe in the Jags' ability to run the football with authority. At the fear of sounding like Bill Maas (e.g. "In this league, you need 10 yards for a first down"), I'll stop short of saying that Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are an excellent tandem, but cannot gain yards without a functioning offensive line. You know the drill. Jacksonville can prove that Week 3 was no fluke when they welcome Houston.

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Sum said...

I'd like to point out that I only gloat about the KC 4-12 record due to the obnoxiousness of the one KC fan who posted on here and blasted my pick of that record.

Otherwise I would've just asked for my hand to be raised in victory.