Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday's Quick Hits

A few quick hits on this fine Friday. Less than 49 hours and counting to the 1pm ET Sunday kickoffs.

- In the minds of many, Lane Kiffin is irrelevant. To people who have played football, they have viewed his public display of insubordination as an affront to the sport. I view it as courage and long overdue public criticism of Al Davis, who lost it 20 years ago. Mind you, that's a conservative estimate. Gregg Doyel describes it much better than I do or ever will in this piece about Kiffin's bravery. Simply stated, Kiffin continues to position himself for his next NFL head coaching position. If he wants a college head coaching position, he can go that route as a secondary option.

- On Wednesday, I asked the question, "Can Koren Robinson Make Good in Seattle?". The more operative question is, "Can Koren Robinson can get in football shape and learn enough of the playbook to warrant snaps against the Rams?" I know, that's a long question and you've already put too much into your work week. Bear with me.

- I forgive you, Ed Hochuli. Others who are struggling to stay classy may not. Unlike other game officials, you did not cower after a botched call that unfortunately led to the wrong team winning. You took e-mails from the haters and you responded to them. I've been to a number of college basketball games and a good portion of which involved controversial calls deciding games (the worst one of which was UConn/Washington in the 2006 Regional Semifinal - UW got jobbed and UConn got theirs two days later). The view, which I've seen more than once, that I cannot get out of my head is that of zebras sprinting to the locker room to avoid any measure of accountability. I am fully aware that many of those wishing to make zebras accountable are heavily inebriated; however, some of us are only drunken with sporting integrity.

- Adrian "All Day" Peterson spent all day missing practice Thursday. As a note to our readers, I have been adamant that due to his running style and inability to stay healthy and the need to carry this team on his shoulders without a proven quarterback, Peterson would get injured and miss significant time on or before the sixth game of the season.

- Also, loyal college basketball fans, I just got my hands on my first college basketball preview magazine. Midnight madness is less than a month away ...

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