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PHSports College Football Top 10: Pre-Season Edition

Mid-way through last college football season, Pay was nice enough - or busy enough - to allow me to take over his top 10 college football weekly rankings.

I apologize sincerely for what followed...

The only idea (in HISTORY!) worse than me taking over these rankings...
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While I might’ve butchered them a bit too often…I’ll try my best to steer the ship a little straighter this season.

Sadly, the only thing more ridiculous than the media or coaches ranking the top teams in a pre-season me doing it. Fortunately that hasn’t stopped me before and it won’t now!

BEHOLD! My pre-season top 10!!!

Clement's back doing college football rankings? That's hot!

..starting at the bottom (or is it the top?)...

10. Clemson Tigers

-I’ll never believe in a Clemson collegiate team, particularly their football or basketball teams. Nevertheless, they're going to earn the last spot in my top 10. Why? Even though I have SERIOUS questions about the ACC – especially that team in Blacksburg – the Tigers do appear to be the cream of the ACC crop. Despite opening up with a tricky home game against Alabama, the Tigers are likely to storm through September and remain on this list for quite some time.

9. LSU Tigers

-I’m not sold that without Ryan Perilloux the Bayou Bengals will be any worse off than they are now. In fact - with complete confidence in Les Miles and their incredible depth on both sides of the ball - the defending BCS champs have to be considered prohibitive favorites out of a loaded SEC West.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders

-Their schedule is underrated (trips to A&M, Kansas, and Oklahoma are nightmarish); however, Graham Harrell is a dynamic QB and Michael Crabtree is everything the pundits wished Calvin Johnson would be. Yeah, how’s that for a statement? The out-of-conference lineup is a absolute joke though.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed WR-related hype like this before.
Oh yeah...

7. Oklahoma Sooners

-Impact playmakers return all over the offense and defense. Meanwhile, we already know Bob Stoops is the best at winning Big XII championships. Problem is: they’ve stunk up the joint in recent bowl history and I might be willing to give a different Big XII team a slight nod over them this year (more below). Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Tech have officially caught up with the Sooners and Longhorns in the top tier of the Big XII.

6. Florida Gators

-Much like Hansbrough @ UNC, Tebow will try to repeat as the nation’s top trophy collector in his sport (sub Heisman for Wooden/Naismith) while attempting to prop his team on his shoulders squarely into the national title picture. While it won’t be easy in a ridiculously jam-packed SEC, Tebow is likely to tee off against Tennessee (is that rivalry completely faded yet?) and start a strong early-season campaign for another unfathomable 30/25 performance. Yes, Tebow went for 32 passing TDs and 25 rushing TDs last season. Man...

5. West Virginia Mountaineers

-Some places have been selling the Mountaineers short; however, realizing the downright awesome potential of HB Noel Devine (especially with Slaton gone) will be a lot of fun for fans in Morgantown. Head coach Bill Stewart clearly has this team behind him and REMEMBER that the Big East is still a BCS conference. While even one loss could derail any title hopes for WVU, why can’t this team steamroll through their conference and follow sensational senior-QB Pat White (who likely won’t see a snap at the position in the NFL) to BCS glory? I suppose an interesting October date hosting Auburn might answer that question earlier than expected.

If Pay gets Blake Griffin...I'm taking Devine!
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4. Ohio State Buckeyes

-Does this mean I’m assuming they’ll lose in LA to USC? Yes, it does. However, I’m also assuming a likely 11-1 season for Jim Tressel's squad that should be more than enough to plant them directly in their third straight BCS title game. Don't forget that Chris "Beanie" Wells just might return the Heisman to the RB-position and the Buckeyes (hello Eddie George!). Meanwhile, Malcolm Jenkins (yes, Armin is right about this) has #1-overall pick talent (not just potential) in the 2009 NFL Draft talent (even at the corner position).

Can somebody get Brutus an HGH test?
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3. Missouri Tigers

-Chase Daniel is a bonafide winner and their playmakers are borderling sick-nasty. While there will be obstacles throughout their Big XII schedule, I am – for now – crowning the Tigers the paper Big XII champs. Look out for primetime fireworks against Juice Williams and the Illini in primetime at the end of August.

2. USC Trojans

-Their early-season showdown against Ohio State should be fantastic (hopefully Texas/OSU in ’05 worthy). While Mark Sanchez isn’t John David Booty (especially with a potentially serious injury), USC stockpiles talent on both sides of the ball worthy to the U's programs of Johnson and Davis. While I wont put them at #1, I will if they dismantle the Buckeyes (in the Rose Bowl...before the Rose Bowl).

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Yes, perhaps I’ve drank the Kool-Aid as well.
Here are a few points to my selection...

A) I don’t want to project my “pre-season top 10” with only Georgia being penalized for being in the SEC (East, no less).

B) Knowshon Moreno, in my humble opinion, is the most talented back in college football since a healthy Adrian Peterson (yes, even over Chris "Beanie" Wells).

C) Stafford will be a legit NFL quarterback. Mark it down.

D) Mark Richt is the perfect coach to lead this Georgia squad – even if they happen to suffer a loss or two (remember, LSU finished 11-2 as BCS champs) – to its first title in FOREVER.

E) I won’t penalize them for demolishing Hawaii in last year’s Sugar Bowl. Not a chance.

F) In the end, Georgia has a TON of talent, no fear of its SEC competition (easily the most TALENTED conference in the entire country), and tremendous talent on both interrior lines.

Enough said…for now.

Hope you enjoyed the first ride. The line for the next one might be a bit longer. SMILE!!!

No, he wasn't another Penn State player arrested.
is what mugshots were made for!!!
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Until next time…

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