Thursday, August 07, 2008

10 NFL/Fantasy Questions I’m Pondering This Week…

1) What’s LJ’s status, fat-contract and coming off an injury-plagued 2007, in Kansas City?

-After being cemented in top 3-overall selection banter for the past few seasons, last season’s LJ owners (me!) were welcomed with one word: BUST! Should anything more be expected from a me-first guy on a terrible offense in 2K8?

Okay, wrong LJ...but who doesn't LOVE this picture?
Credit: Deadspin

2) Why don’t more teams sit their superstars – ala San Diego and LT – in the preseason?

-Whether LT still has nagging issues or his durability was ultimately tested in the playoffs last season, the fantasy MVP of the past five-or-so seasons isn’t playing in the preseason this year. As for his prospective owners…well, they couldn’t be happier. What might become an issue down the road is the absence of Michael Turner backing up an ever-aging LT.

3) What on Earth do you make out of the QB-saga in Green Bay?

-I’m not wasting my breath answering this. However, it MUST be asked. By the way, I HATE BRETT FAVRE and TED THOMPSON! (Writer's Update: And now that he's a Jet...I love HIM!)

A little odd...for more reasons then ever NOW.
Credit: EA Sports

4) What will be the impact of Oakland’s rookie RB Darren McFadden?

-Justin Fargas can’t legitimately hold off this guy for long, can he? It should also go without saying (yet, I’ll still say it) that Michael Bush will be a forgotten prospect come camp time, especially with the fat contract the former Razorback netted. With an unproven commodity at QB (Jamarcus Russell) and a play-making wideout who is a day or two from quitting at any point, can McFadden truly be considered an impact playmaker as a rookie?

5) Is Randy Moss a legit 20-TD candidate again?

-There’s no reason to believe Touchdown Tom won’t light up the record books again, especially considering his squad’s LOSS in last year’s Super Bowl (in which Moss caught his only playoff touchdown). Ditto for Moss when you consider the affinity these two have both in and out of the redzone for making the big play. While 20 TDs back-to-back seasons is too much to ask of anyone, are you seriously willing to bet against it?

Joe Buck's reaction to any Moss talk at PHSports.

6) Do you dare draft Maurice Jones-Drew?

-One of the “it” guys last season, Jones-Drew was just as likely to go for a buck and a TD as he was for 1 point. Seriously. Not to mention, Fred Taylor is bound to steal a dozen-or-so touches a game and a 6-8 TDs (at least) as he was Pro Bowler last season. In the end, MJD is far too unreliable unless you have crazy depth at the position or incredible faith that he’ll become a redzone stalwart for the Jags.

7) Is there a Chicago Bear, not on defense, worth drafting?

-Here’s the countless scenarios needed to even consider the likes of Grossman/Orton being in your starting lineup:
A) Two starting QB-league
B) Major injuries at the QB position
C) Bye weeks galore are killing your roster
D) You have a serious drinking problem
E) You’re a diehard Bears fan. And I mean DIEHAD!

Undoubtedly, somebody in your league will take a “bold, yet fun risk” on newly signed RB Kevin Jones, while wideout Bernard Berrian, with a new contract, will likely net consideration in the middle rounds for his big-play making ability. Perhaps the real question should’ve surrounded that Hester-guy. Good luck on that accord as well.

Dante Hall "Block in the Backs Never Called" couldn't hold this guy's jock. Yeah, I said it.
Credit: CNNSI

8) Who’s your top TE: Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, Kellen Winslow II, or Tony Gonzalez?

-All four have a legitimate claim. Honestly. Gates seems the consensus, but only slightly. Witten benefits most from Romo-to-TO, K2 is on the NFL’s up-and-coming offense, and Gonzo is still Gonzo. In the end, I suppose you can walk away a winner with either of these four. Another question might be: who’s number 5? (Cooley, anyone?)

9) Which of the Jags wideouts would you be most willing to take a flier on?

-Jerry Porter is considered the “impact” free-agent signing, Troy Williamson is the draft bust looking to start anew, Reggie Williams was the touchdown-magnet (but nothing else) last season, and Dennis Northcutt dropped that crucial pass in the AFC Divisional Round against those damned Pats. Who ya got and when?

10) Is Javon Walker even worth it anymore?

-I’m not going to rip this guy. Sure he nearly quit on the Raiders after netting $50-million and ended up unconscious and robbed on some random Vegas back alley. Nevertheless, you can’t forget that he was with Darrent Williams (RIP) the night Williams was shot and killed. Reports have it going down as Walker basically holding Williams in his arms after he was shot and ultimately killed in the back of his SUV. Try dealing with that reality before demonizing Walker and his odd offseason antics.

Is Raider-nation going a little too Watchmen lately?
Credit: PhotoBucket

I’m sure there are better questions and even better answers out there.

But at least I’m trying!

Until next time…


Sam said...

I hate Brett Favre, and I hate the Jets.

Clement said...

Half of that statement was made by Peter King every day of his life.

Perhaps that will soon change...

NOT! Screw that fat bastard.

But not you.

And as a Jets fans...we know who we are.

40 years removed from our only Super Bowl.

And what a Super Bowl it was!!!