Thursday, June 05, 2008

NBA Offseason Preview - Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks
Record: 26-56
2008-2009 Payroll (Source: $62.4M

Draft Picks: #8, #37

Right when you think the Bucks have enough offensive-minded players, they draft a player (Yi) who refused to work out with them. That’s what doomed Larry Harris. For new Bucks GM John Hammond, the Bucks must draft for need but avoid reaching for talent.

This past season, the Bucks were in the playoff hunt and went 2-12 down the stretch. Sadly, this has been normal for the Bucks.

Burning Questions: Will the Bucks make a trade or two later this month in order to shore up a leaky defense? Does the late-season emergence of Ramon Sessions provide the squad with their point guard of the future now, signifying that Mo Williams is a tradeable asset?

Perceived Needs: Defensive-minded players, veterans who have participated in playoff basketball

If I Were GM … I would be certain to address the perceived needs. Last season, I was shocked and chagrined when the Bucks did not select Corey Brewer, who can defend three positions more than any other player on the team. This season, the Bucks’ pursuit of offensive-minded players stops here. With the #8 pick, the Bucks have to consider the best defensive player available on the board and trade down if they must. Seemingly, the Bucks can trade down and grab Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee or Nicolas Batum.

With the #37 pick, the theme of bringing in defensive players must continue. Depending on their direction with the first round pick, the Bucks may take a long look at either Kyle Weaver, DeVon Hardin or DJ White.

With respect to the Bucks existing core, they have a humble mix of young, cheap and tradeable talent (Ramon Sessions, Yi Jianlian, Charlie Villanueva) and contracts that will make you grimace (Dan Gadzuric and Bobby Simmons make over 16 million … in American dollars). In a potential scenario which would see the Bucks trade out of the #8 pick, I would do my very best to package either Gadzuric or Simmons in the deal.

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