Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Draft Buzz

Last thing first. I'll let the real media take care of the Tim Donaghy garbage. Long story short, he needs to be accountable. Also, the NBA should re-pay the fines to players who received technical fouls and ejections coming from Donaghy for the games in question. That's a home or at least a hefty down payment for Rasheed Wallace.

Onto the draft buzz ...

- Almost all of the experts now are calling for the Bulls to draft Derrick Rose. Despite thinking strongly that Michael Beasley is the best prospect in the draft, the next PHSports NBA Mock Draft may reflect the consensus. Oddly enough, OJ Mayo is garnering serious consideration for the 2nd pick overall.

- Monday is the deadline for early entrants who have not signed with an agent to take their name out of this year's NBA Draft.

Joe Alexander - likely to be a lottery pick
Chase Budinger - could be taken as early as 15 to Phoenix and will be off by the Spurs' pick at latest
Mario Chalmers - perhaps the 20th pick to Denver. Can you really imagine a backcourt with Ty Lawson and AI?
Bill Walker - Mr. Upside looks to be drafted in the 20s
George Hill - likely has promise to be taken in 2nd round

- Among current members of the Association, here are some names who may be in different places ...
Allen Iverson
Michael Redd
Rasheed Wallace
Marcus Camby
Mike Miller
Kirk Hinrich
Charlie Villanueva

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nba draft picks make a huge difference on a team, unlike nhl drafts.