Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Draft Buzz ... Breaking Down The Trades

Before I go into the meat, let me state how disgusted I am with all of this media focus on the #1 pick overall pseudo-controversy. If Michael Beasley gets picked first, I invite you all to call me a complete moron. Anyone who can read through the lines or is not in complete denial knows that Derrick Rose is being selected #1 by the Bulls. The real story is: Derrick Rose gets selected. What happens to Kirk Hinrich?

Okay, let's get down to business.

Trade #1: New Orleans trades the 27th pick to Portland for cash considerations:
The Scuttlebutt: All right, I just wanted to say "scuttlebutt" (credit: John Thompson). Portland is to "draft day trade" as Craig Bolerjack is to "NCAA Tournament upset". New Orleans trading this pick makes sense - they're no longer rebuilding and they are better served re-signing their free agents (i.e. Jannero Pargo). I'm still trying to make sense from the Portland side. They nearly have a full roster with Rudy Fernandez already on the way. Not to mention, they had four picks, including three in the top 36 prior to pulling the trigger on this deal. Originally, Serge Ibaka would've been a great stash pick at #27; however, ESPN is reporting that Ibaka's agent is informing teams that the player intends to stay in Spain until 2010-11 and to not select him in the first round. If you have not done so, check out his YouTube video and simply admire the lift he gets on a jumpshot.

Trade #2: Denver trades the 20th pick to Charlotte for a future, protected first-round pick
Scuttlebutt: This trade means two things, at least in my view of things. First, the point guard that Denver wanted (Mario Chalmers) will not be on the board at pick #20. Second, Charlotte traded for this pick in order to acquire a center, because many of the bigs will be going between picks 13 and 27. This also means that Brook Lopez is likely getting drafted in the top eight, and selecting a center at 9 would be an immense reach.

Trade #3: Indiana trades the rights to Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto for the rights to TJ Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the 17th pick.
Scuttlebutt: The obvious is that O'Neal and Ford wanted a change of scenery. In my humble opinion, Indiana earned amazing value for this pick. They still have the 11th and 17th picks in addition to solidifying the point guard position. Not to mention, Nesterovic has an expiring contract ($8.4M), which may be appetizing in future deals. O'Neal and Bosh sounds beastly, but how many games will they play together? If the answer is 60 or more, then you have to like the Raptors prospects in the Eastern Conference.

Additionally ...
Five teams are interested in the 5th pick, including New York, who's willing to offer a package including windex-man David Lee. Not too bad for a guy who won't fit into Mike D'Antoni's plans.

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