Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dueling Trade Talk Which Throws Mock Drafters Into Confusion

It's widely expected that the 10th pick will change hands. Here's two scenarios.

Scenario #1
New Jersey gets: 5th pick
Memphis gets: 10th pick, future 1st-round pick

Who New Jersey will draft: Danilo Gallinari (ahead of the Knicks pick at #6) or Kevin Love
Who Memphis will draft: Your guess is as good as mine.

Scenario #2
Portland gets: 10th pick, Maurice Ager
New Jersey gets: 13th pick, 33rd pick, Jarrett Jack

Who Portland will draft: DJ Augustin
Who New Jersey will draft: A big - Robin Lopez is a possibility followed by the BPA

Here's an alternate scenario. (Yes, I just made this up).

Scenario #3
New Jersey gets: 5th pick (from MEM), Jarrett Jack
Portland gets: 10th pick (from NJ), Maurice Ager
Memphis gets: 13th pick (from POR), 33rd pick (from POR), future 1st-round pick (from NJ)

As one reader pointed out, I might think too highly of Chris Wallace. Perhaps, I'm pining for an assistant GM position.

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