Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 NFL Draft: Day One Recap

If I had a nickel for every time my jaw dropped to the floor. I can't judge what a front office does on draft day any further than what I thought they might do. I was on the money in some cases, completely off in others.

Here's a few quick notes on things I noticed.

  1. The top 7 picks were no surprise (including the Saints trading up). Atlanta going with Matt Ryan was somewhat expected, even though I felt they should consider Dorsey.
  2. To point out the obvious, the Chiefs had a great first day. But, I have to give the Steelers some props for the value picks and not flinching with the run on offensive linemen. There are plenty of offensive linemen available on Day Two. Dallas added some great value as well, especially with the Bennett pick in the 2nd round.
  3. What exactly were the Falcons and Texans thinking. Sam Baker and Duane Brown? Panic may have set in.
  4. Jacksonville gets kudos for their bold move to get Harvey. Groves was a nice touch too. Any doubt that they're copycatting the Giants?
  5. I guess I should have never changed my ranking at RB, with Stewart going over Mendelhall. I bought into the hype about Stewart's toe surgery lowering his status.
  6. Flacco in the first?!?! He had the most impressive workout among QBs, but I have to question this one.
  7. Speaking of QBs...Aaron Rodgers and John Beck are some unhappy QBs. Brohm and Henne were steals at those picks.
  8. Was that Vinny Cerrato making that trade with Atlanta? Devin Thomas would have been a good pick at 21. The Redskins add 3 offensive weapons, but the Fred Davis pick was a little strange.
  9. With Miami's drafting of Phillip Merling, does that mean Jason Taylor is definitely on his way out?
Players in my Mock Draft that didn't make it in Day One
  1. Justin King, CB
  2. Andre Caldwell, WR
  3. Pat Sims, DT
  4. Early Doucet, WR
  5. Carl Nicks, T
  6. Red Bryant, DT
  7. Chris Ellis, DE
  8. Mario Manningham, WR
  9. DeMario Pressley, DT
  10. Cliff Avril, DE
  11. Jamaal Charles, RB
  12. Reggie Smith, DB
  13. Charles Godfrey, CB
  14. DaJuan Morgan, S

Looking forward to Day Two. Be sure to check back for the Post Draft Analysis.


Paymon said...

Nice work the entire year, Armin.

I agree with nearly all points, except for giving the Steelers props. It is one thing to avoid a position of need in the 1st round and go with value. It's an entirely different thing to avoid it for the first two rounds. The Steelers needed toughness on the lines at the end of last season, and the issue has only become more urgent.

Any thoughts on the Eagles trading for Lorenzo Booker? He fits our system pretty well and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

Anonymous said...

Just in case Eric Ainge's dad is back on the board today, your son was drafted in the 5th round.

Clement said...

I love how Gholston's selection was mainly based on WHO drafted him.

As a Jet, he's this years Mike Mamula. He'll suck from start to end. BUST.

As a Patriot, he's a reach with an amazing upside that only the Patriots could cultivate.

How's that Brandon Merriweather selection going anyways?

SO tired of the Jet hating. We suck enough without needing the constant media hate from lardos Peter King and Pete Prisco and plenty of other useless cronies.

I don't care if Gholston is a bust or not, he would've been a bad pick no matter what.

Much like "reaching" and giving up "too many picks" for Darrell Revis and David Harris.

Those guys suck too.