Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Bound To Make Your Ribs Hurt

I didn't even know that Zeke was a candidate for the Hoosiers job. In case you thought he was (LOL!), he is not. Why? He has a job.

Also, Tony Bennett (who coaches WASU, not this one) said "Thanks, but no thanks" to the aforementioned Indiana head coaching position. This is fairly surprising as he is losing three starters, including his two best to graduation.

In news that no one other than me cares about, does a lateral move from Kent State to TCU puzzle your mind? If we were talking football, that's one thing, but Jim Christian coaches basketball (though, he has crossed paths with two NFL Pro Bowl players). Fun fact. Anyhow, give credit to TCU for getting a proven coach.

Lastly, in a no-brainer, Pitt's Jamie Dixon opted to stay with the Panthers after being offered the same post at Cal. Now that Bill Self has reached the Final Four (gasp!), do not be shocked if Dixon gets the Self treatment for being "the best coach not to reach the Final Four". In Dixon's case, it's the Elite 8. Of course, there's also that Bruce Pearl guy.

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Anonymous said...

this is a good draft but Detroit needs more help on D than on offense. To many OT and RB to get one in the later rounds so they dont have to take the best 1 at 15. Look for a defensive player that can come in a nd start right away. Look for Mayo or Conner at 15 (I think Mayo will be a better pro) especially now there can be 1 player w/ a radio in the helmet.

ohh and Brondon Flowers is the 3rd best corner in the draft, and theres no way he falls to the 2nd runds. Look for GB to take him. Hes physical and plays just like Harris and GBs corner are getting old.