Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2008 NFL Draft: Mock Draft 1.0

First we had the Positional Rankings. Then we had the Impact Underclassmen. Following that was the Sleeper Picks. Finally, we culminate with the 2008 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds). While free agency might blow this apart as soon as today, this mock is current as of this morning. Enjoy, and be on the lookout for version 2.0.

1st Round

1. Miami: Jake Long, T - Michigan
While Parcells loves the other Long, Jake long is worthy of this pick and fills a huge hole on this team. Vernon Carey can move back to right tackle. Let's also not forget that Sparano is a former offensive line coach

2. St. Louis: Chris Long, DE - Virginia
The Rams will take whichever Long the Fins don't take. In this case, Chris Long fills a more immediate need. He shouldn't have a problem starting opposite Leonard Little.

3. Atlanta: Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College
They were players for McFadden, until they signed Michael Turner. Instead, land a signal caller to replace the carousel at QB they had last season. Ryan has the poise to be thrown into the mix early.

4. Oakland: Vernon Gholston, DE - Ohio State
With Gholston's dominant performance at the Combines, the Raiders couldn't pass on filling their open DE spot (with Tommy Kelly moving inside). Gholston and Burgess should be a nice pass-rushing combo.

5. Kansas City: Ryan Clady, T - Boise State
With the offensive line in shambles, the Chiefs need to address their need at this position. Clady follows in a recent line of athletic tackles that are moving their way up the charts in recent drafts.

6. New York Jets: Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas
Jets fans all dance an Irish Jig at the same time. McFadden is just what the doctor ordered for this team. Jones and Washington proved not to be the answer. McFadden should have no problem making fans forget them.

7 New England (from San Francisco): Leodis McKelvin, CB - Troy
With the departure of Samuel and Gay, the Pats are in dire need of a CB. There is still no need to have McKelvin start right away, but he'll eventually have to allow Brandon Merriweather to move over to his natural safety spot.

8. Baltimore: Mike Jenkins, CB - South Florida
Baltimore surprises and chooses not to go QB (Brohm). They instead choose to address a position that's aging quickly. Expect Baltimore fans to boo this one

9. Cincinnati: Keith Rivers, LB - Southern Cal
With DE addressed with the Odom signing, the Bengals turn to a position where they are extremely thin, and add one of the biggest playmakers in the draft.

10. New Orleans: Sedrick Ellis, DT - Southern Cal
The Saints have their pick of Ellis and Dorsey. They have had their issues with injury-riddled players, so they choose to go with Ellis, who is no consolation. He should make a decent rotation with Young and Thomas.

11. Buffalo: Malcolm Kelly, WR - Oklahoma
There is a reason Kelly didn't work out at the Combine, and he's still atop the receiver charts. He has the size and athletic ability for success in the league. He is the big target that the Bills are lacking

12. Denver: Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU
Dorsey drops in their laps, amid reports of various injuries he suffered in the past. Following the news of Marcus Thomas and his arrest, the Broncos need to address the DT position in a bad way.

13. Carolina: Phillip Merling, DE - Clemson
Merling needs to make up for his poor strength showing at the combines. However, he is known as a high-motor player. He fills in for the departed Mike Rucker

14. Chicago: Jeff Otah, T - Pittsburgh
With their offensive line aging, especially at tackle, the bears pass on a QB or a RB and select a monster of a man who should fit right in at the right tackle spot

15. Detroit: Rashard Mendelhall, RB - Illinois
Message to Kevin Jones, "We see you continuing your trend of under 200 carries a season". Jonathan Stewart could be the pick here too.

16. Arizona: Jonathan Stewart, RB - Oregon
The Cards could go a number of directions, however it should be clear that Edgerrin James is no longer the answer at RB. Stewart is a physical phenom, who could be the starter in Arizona for years

17. Minnesota: Derrick Harvey, DE - Florida
A position that should have been addressed last season will be addressed this season. While Harvey had a sub-par combine, he still has one of the best first steps among DEs.

18. Houston: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DB - Tennessee St.
The Texans are in desperate need of help in the defensive backfield. A RB could go here too, however with Robinson out the first half of next season (and possibly his career), they have to address the CB position.

19. Philadelphia: Limas Sweed, WR - Texas
Has to prove he's over the wrist injury, but he impressed at the combines with good times. A huge big-play receiver who will line up beside a bunch of speedsters in Philly.

20. Tampa Bay: DeSean Jackson, WR - California
Joey Galloway is old, and the other WRs on the roster are of the possession variety. Jackson brings his game-breaking athletic ability to the Bucs.

21. Washington: Kentwan Balmer, DT - North Carolina
While the Skins could us a DE, they cannot pass on a talent like Balmer. He could make Cornelius Griffen expendable

22. Dallas (from Cleveland): Aqib Talib, CB - Kansas
Talib gets the nod over Porter due to his return skills. He should eventually unseat Anthony Henry as the starting CB.

23. Pittsburgh: Branden Albert, G - Virginia
The Steelers need to address an offensive line that is suddenly weak. Albert can either replace Faneca, or he can swing outside and play right tackle.

24. Tennessee: Tracy Porter, CB - Indiana
Porter should help out the dire situation at CB for the Titans. He could push to be a starter.

25. Seattle: Chris Williams, T - Vanderbilt
The Seahawks have the luxury of being set at most positions. A RB would be tempting, however rumors have TJ Duckett going to Seattle. Williams can play several positions on the O-line, making him valuable. He could eventually replace Chris Gray…or move Locklear inside and play tackle.

26. Jacksonville: Calais Campbell, DE - Miami
The Jags take a chance on the talented DE that didn't do well at the combines. Campbell would battle Paul Spicer for the starting spot

27. San Diego: Kenny Phillips, FS - Miami
The Chargers land one of the top playmakers in the draft. Phillips is a steal at this point in the draft, and should have no problem making the Chargers a better team

28. Dallas: Felix Jones, RB - Arkansas
Jones joins the Cowboys and Marion Barber. This Jones should be more productive than the last Jones they had

29. San Francisco (from Indianapolis): Quentin Groves, DE/LB - Auburn
A nice fit for the 9ers who now have competition for Tully Banta-Cain. Groves timed very well, giving the 9ers some lighting fast OLBs

30. Green Bay: Reggie Smith, S - Oklahoma
Another young safety in Green Bay? Actually, in this defense he projects as a CB, and brings a very similar game to Woodson.

31. New York Giants: Dan Connor, LB - Penn State
With Mitchell and Torbor gone, the Giants will probably draft a LB here. Connor is the best on the board.

(New England Selection Forfeited)

2nd Round
32. Miami: Cliff Avril, OLB - Purdue
33. St. Louis: Brian Brohm, QB - Louisville
34. Oakland: Mario Manningham, WR - Michigan
35. Kansas City: Patrick Lee, CB - Auburn
36. New York Jets: Ghosder Cherilus, T - Boston College
37. Atlanta: Sam Baker, T - Southern Cal
38. Baltimore: Joe Flacco, QB - Delaware
39. San Francisco: Devin Thomas, WR - Michigan State
40. New Orleans: Tyvon Branch, CB - UConn
41. Buffalo: Antoine Cason, CB - Arizona
42. Denver: Josh Barrett, S - Arizona State
43. Carolina: Andre Woodson, QB - Kentucky
44. Chicago: James Hardy, WR - Indiana
45. Detroit: Pat Sims, DT - Auburn
46. Cincinnati: Fred Davis, TE - Southern Cal
47. Minnesota: Andre Caldwell, WR - Florida
48. Atlanta (from Houston): Red Bryant, DT - Texas A&M
49. Philadelphia: Jerod Mayo, LB - Tennessee
50. Arizona: Justin King, CB - Penn State
51. Washington: Lawrence Jackson, DE - Southern Cal
52. Tampa Bay: Charles Godfrey, CB - Iowa
53. Pittsburgh: Earl Bennett, WR - Vanderbilt
54. Tennessee: Dre Moore, DT - Maryland
55. Seattle: Martellus Bennett, TE - Texas A&M
56. Green Bay (from Cleveland): Ahtyba Rubin, DT - Iowa State
57. Miami (from San Diego): Chilo Rachal, G - Southern Cal
58. Jacksonville: Trevor Laws, DT - Notre Dame
59. Indianapolis: Gary Guyton, LB - Georgia Tech
60. Green Bay: Craig Stevens, TE - California
61. Dallas: Frank Okam, DT - Texas
62. New England: Chris Ellis, DE - Virginia Tech
63. New York Giants: DaJuan Morgan, S - NC State

Looking forward to your comments.


Anonymous said...

I have a few problems with this Mock. Number 1 you have the wrong Long going #1. No way Jake Long will go 1. Number 2 you have Gholston in the top 5. Never in a million years will he go in the top 5. The Jets are the suitable option unless there is D Mac which would cause him to drop. Number 3 you have Dorsey not in the top 5 and you have Sedrick Ellis going before him. Dorsey a much better player the Ellis.

Paymon said...

I really think that the Dolphins can go in either direction. Since they have a good number of options at the OLB/DE position (Taylor, Roth, Moses, Porter, etc.) and only 2 tackles (one is Vernon Carey and the other you couldn't spot out of a police lineup), logic may lend itself to Miami taking Jake ... ... "In Progress" Long (thank you, Keith Jackson).

On Dorsey, he's been slipping in many mocks because of his injury problems coming to light. Teams drafting in the top 5 (excluding Oakland because Al Davis is more interested in reducing his number of chins than a good product on the football field) don't want damaged goods. Of course, all it takes is one team to fall in love with him.

I feel you on DMC. If/when trades are incorporated, I have a feeling that he will be a top five pick.

Armin ... your thoughts?

Armin said...

The pick for the Fins could go either way. Chris Long wasn't spectacular at the combines like Jake Long was. Vernon Gholston puts himself right next to Chris Long with his dominant performance at the combines. Again...don't forget that Sparano is a former O-Line coach.

Paymon hit the nail on the head with Dorsey. He's falling due to several leg injuries coming to light. The DTs were weak in the combine overall. Ellis goes first because he has a first step that Doresy doesn't (which historically gets you drafted earlier...ahem Travis Johnson).

Same with D-Mac. I agree with Paymon. Someone will trade up. In fact, this draft could be a very exciting one, with the number of trades that could happen right at the top.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that all the mocks have the Raiders passing on McFadden if he's available. While they most certainly need D, I can't see Davis passing him up, particularly with JR in need of weapons. Fargas and Rhodes looked good with the new run system. Imagine what McFadden or Mendenhal could do.

Anonymous said...

With the Jets new O line Jones will be more than they need at running back they need to find a QB they can depend on so Mcfadden here makes no sense Washington is a good scat back returner so really I dont see your point about the fans forgetting them how could they? Washington had a TD on returns and a few catches to go along.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Dorsey #12, are you sick man?

Anonymous said...

I think that with the signing of Jaques Reeves, Houston will not take a CB until maybe a later round and Cromartie will goto Dallas. Houston should probably look at the RB position.

Anonymous said...

if miami takes a tackle first, i will hang myself. has that ever been
a good idea (tony mandarich, robert gallery)? i believe you need to
find a true impact player with the first pick or at least trade down
for something. you can get a decent tackle later in the draft.
unfortunately the only person i think will have a huge impact is d
mac. possibility they still trade to dallas for barber and some picks?

perhaps the injury to ronnie brown has shown that they are very thin
at rb (especially with chatman gone soon)

Armin said...

All great comments. Thanks for submitting. Especially the one where I'm a "sick man". That's almost like a compliment ;)

Make no mistake, if D-Mac is there for the Jets, he's their pick. Washington can still play his role, but last year was some indication that Jones COULD BE slowing down.

Raiders passing on D-Mac? They are rumored to be interested, but I didn't go that way, after the Combine performance that Gholston had. The NFL has proven year after year...it's harder to find a dominant DE than it is a RB. AP might have changed that a little, but we'll see how much.

Jacquez Reeves? Burn-boy? The Cowboys were happy to get rid of him. He won't be a #1 option for Houston, no matter what play he made last season.

Jake Long 1st? I think you forgot to mention Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden, Jordan Gross, Joe Thomas, Levi Jones, and until he got injured Tony Boselli. Here's a name for you, Blair Thomas. Also, the tackles I just named...Parcells would give his left nad for one of those.

Again...Chris Long could easily be the pick. But, I went with Jake.

raindogzilla said...

With both Dorsey and Ellis on the board at 9, there's absolutely no way Cincy takes Rivers. They've shored up the ends but the middle of the d-line is pathetic. I would guess Ellis over Dorsey and maybe even a Red Bryant in Round 2. They've got Thurman back, Brooks healthy, Jeanty, Dhani Jones and Landon Johnson at backer- plus they may pick up the recently released Takeo Spikes. Just my opinion- or wishful thinking, given that these are the Bengals we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well for one the Raiders won't take Mario Manningham. They covet speed at receiver like Paris Hilton covets attention from the media.

I'm pretty sure Guy Guyton won't be taken on day 1. Craig Stevens might be rising and he's at least a little iffy, but I can accept that having watched him a lot. Great at the combine for sure.

How can the Bengals pass on Dorsey? They've tried to trade for a DT from pretty much all 31 teams and they're not going to take him?

-Gregory Cox (www.thefootballexpert.com)

Anonymous said...

What are you doing having the Titans getting some corner in the first round, they definetly need a wide receiver way more than a corner. I noticed you didn't have Early Doucet going in the first round. The Titans need a speedster to go along with Jusitn Gage. Doucet would be a very good pick for them. They really don't need to get a DT in the second round either. Maybe a corner or even another wide receiver, but maybe a DT in the 3rd round.

Tapupartforpres said...

Dorsey is not going 12th. Check out this draft.
The Real NFL Draft