Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Late Night Musings...

It's ironic how quickly a column can change after one night of college basketball. The major conferences all saw potential major shakedowns tonight.

So far only Lance Thomas has fouled out. So far.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

1) Memphis (W @ Tulane) and Tennessee (spanked Auburn at home) avoided any sort of letdown before Saturday's #1 vs. #2 clash. Another 29-point outing for CDR and John Calipari nets W number 400.

2) There's a little under 2 minutes left in Miami and the Canes have the Blue Devils by 6, 90-84. Interesting indeed.

3) Carolina took care of State, in less embarrassing fashion though than their first outing. 32 for "Pyscho T" has him neck-and-neck with "Soon-to-be #1 Beastley" for MOP, who performed rather average on a night in which his Wildcats may drop out of the top 25 (and to 8-3 in Big XII play) with a bad loss at Nebraska.

4) Vasquez may have put up 25 for the Terps, but a bad loss to probably NIT-bound Va. Tech (still only 15-11 overall) won't help the ACC nor the Terps come Selection Sunday.

5) Shaq vs. Kobe Part 3,425. Grant Hill can't get a call to save his like (or ankles). Honestly, it's more about Shaq and Gasol's recent acquisitions, in the Western Conference's arms race, which matter more than whatever feud the Diesel and the Italian-speaking SG had. Ironically, it might be the Jazz acquiring Kyle Korver and the Spurs netting Kurt Thomas that means the most come playoff time. Anybody else notice CP3 and Deron Williams may be the best PG-pairing in recent draft history? My question: where might Mike Miller be going by 3pm tomorrow (Cleveland?).

Have a good night...


Paymon said...

Good question re: Miller. He's not dressed tonight according to Yahoo.

It's weird to say this, but I'm more shocked by the Maryland home loss to VT than Miami defeating Duke. I really thought Duke was "figured out" on Sunday night and tonight's game substantiates that belief.

John Chaney is an institution. So many 20-somethings grew up with that clip.

Lastly, is it just me or did the Spurs give up a lot for Kurt Thomas (Brent Barry/Francisco Elson/2009 1st round pick). Seattle is really stockpiling the picks.

Sum said...

What? You mention Calipari's 400th W and ignore Larranaga's? I sense some VCU-jealousy :-p

Anonymous said...

Do you think the trade getting rid of Big Ben and acquiring Gooden/Hughes helps the Bulls?