Friday, January 04, 2008

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications…Wild-Card Weekend

Playoff weekend. Or is it payoff weekend? Spreads are shrinking rapidly outside of San Diego, and plenty of moolah is to be made over the weekend. Or is it?

While some teams are red hot (Washington), others have rested for nearly a month (Tampa Bay). While some teams stumbled into the playoffs (Pittsburgh), others have everyone shaking in their boots (Jacksonville).

We have a media darling (the Jags), a sentimental favorite (the Skins), a classic overachiever (the Titans), road warriors (the Giants), and experienced homers (the Seahawks).

In the end, we have what should amount to a competitive, yet firework-free, NFL wild-card weekend.

Tennessee lacks star power and Vince Young isn’t even healthy!
San Diego has as vanilla a coach and as lackluster a home playoff record as anyone.
Washington still has Todd Collins, 3-0 or not, under center.
Tampa doesn’t have three skill players most fans can name off the top of their head.
The Giants can play the Patriots tightly until the closing seconds or lose 35-3 any given week.
Jacksonville is beloved, but was doodoo in the playoffs two years ago.
Pittsburgh lost Fast Willie, Aaron Smith and their swagger a month ago.
Seattle’s former MVP runs a 9.5-40 yard dash these days.

So while you may have rooting interests, don’t expect ratings to be through the roof.

…Waiting in the Wings…
NFC’s #1 seed Dallas Cowboys and #2 seed Green Bay Packers.
AFC’s #1 seed New England Patriots and #2 seed Indianapolis Colts.

Without further banter, let’s get the predictions started!
Since the other staff writers here did such a fantastic job, I’m talking spreads only!

...spreads will be updated Saturday & Sunday morning...

Washington @ Seattle [-3.5]

Guess who gets to try and bottle up red-hot Santana Moss this weekend?

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

While the Skins are as hot as any current team not playing in Foxboro, Seattle at home is
something I’m not willing to bet against this postseason.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh [+2.5]

What will be the state of the "field" Saturday night?

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Disrespecting the Steelers and overrating the Jags could be costly. Not for me.

NY Giants @ Tampa Bay [-3]

All he does is make the the NFC.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Despite being 7-1 on the road, it’s hard to trust the Giants. I’ll take a rested Tampa team with a suffocating zone attack for the push.

Tennessee @ San Diego [-10]

Several Titans' health may decide more than the spread in this game.

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Who have the Chargers beaten outside of Tennessee (due to a very questionable non-call) during their recent 6-game winning streak? Win or lose, this spread is too large for my wallet.

By the way, there will be zero mention of NFL Playoff Fantasy Football. Blasphemy.

Until next weekend...

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Paymon said...

Nice work! Here

Washington and the points
Jacksonville (I really want to take Pittsburgh, but I hate all of the injuries)
Tampa Bay by a field goal in OT ... Garcia leading the Giants out of the playoffs two years running
San Diego. Did I just say that Norv Turner will win a game that Marty Ball was unable to? I guess I just did.