Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pre-BCS Selection Show Banter

With the Bowl Championship Series set to unveil its selections around 7pm tonight, there’s still plenty of time for analysis, debate, banter and projections.

So let’s ditch the top 8 rankings and go straight into the top 5 games of the FBS postseason.

I’ll try and remove bias, ignore gloating about a 3-0 championship weekend of predictions and put together the best non-playoff lineup I can think up.

…Important notes to consider…
*Hawaii’s comeback victory over Washington pushes out a second Pac-10 team, Arizona State.
*Missouri is out due to being the 3rd legit team from the Big XII to garner a potential BCS bid.
*Florida is out due to being the 3rd/4th legit team from the SEC to garner a potential BCS bid.

LSU vs. Georgia Debate Highlights:
*LSU lost @ Kentucky and at home to Arkansas.
*Georgia lost @ Tennessee and at home to a then-ranked South Carolina.
*LSU lost both games in triple overtime.
*Georgia was crushed by the Vols and narrowly lost to a then top-10 Gamecocks team.
*Georgia defeated Kentucky.
*LSU defeated South Carolina and Tennessee (in 1-touchdown games).
*Both teams defeated Florida.
*Georgia didn’t play Arkansas.
*Both teams were 6-2 in the SEC (Georgia the East & LSU the West).
*Out-of-conference for the Bulldogs were Oklahoma State, Western Carolina, and Troy.
*Out-of-conference for the Tigers were Virginia Tech, Middle Tennessee, and Tulane.
*LSU leapfrogged idle Georgia & Kansas in the AP/USA Today polls to become the #2 team (behind Ohio State). Georgia was #3.

So where will Georgia be dancing next?
BCS Title Game? Sugar? Fiesta? Rose? Orange?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

BCS National Championship Game:
[BCS #1] Ohio State vs. [BCS #2] LSU

Ohio State went 11-1 and is the easier selection with only 1 loss (at home to a BCS-bound Illinois team). As for LSU, despite having 2 losses (just like Georgia), they appear to have enough support in the polls (released around 2:30 pm today) to re-enter the national title game picture. However, in my humble opinion, Georgia is clearly the hottest team in the nation right now and deserves, even when not playing in the SEC Title game, the #2 spot. Frankly, I just don’t believe LSU is better right now. Any USC pundits need be reminded the loss to Stanford crippled their title hopes.

Orange Bowl:
Virginia Tech [ACC Champ.] vs. West Virginia [Big East Champ.]

It’s the easiest selection, will sell a TON of tickets and matches up traditional conference representatives in their traditional bowl. Did I mention how many tickets, Pat White or not, this game WILL sell.

Fiesta Bowl:
Oklahoma [Big XII Champ.] vs. Kansas [At-large]


Despite both teams being in the Big XII, this game could answer a lot of pundits’ questions. However, I personally hate the matchup. I’d much rather see LSU/Georgia shifted out here and Hawaii take on Kansas in the overachieving Sugar Bowl. However, LSU/Georgia in the Sugar is all but a lock (especially the Tigers). Arizona State probably lost out more than anyone with Hawaii’s comeback victory. Apologies to Dennis Erickson and company.

Rose Bowl:
USC [Pac-10 Champ.] vs. Illinois [At-large]

Who could pass up a traditional Big Ten/Pac-10 matchup in the Rose Bowl? USC wins their half and is the best potential draw. While Illinois isn’t the best traveling squad, it’s an amazing story and they slide right past Michigan (despite losing to the Wolverines) and avoid the Capital One bowl.

Sugar Bowl:
Georgia [At-large] vs. Hawaii [At-large]

LSU, not Oklahoma, seems the easiest bet to sneak past Georgia (they didn’t play) to secure the second spot in the BCS Title game. While Georgia could be snuck out west to Tempe to avoid an all-Big XII matchup, the Sugar will gladly take a regional SEC team who's been there recently (lost to WVU two years ago in a shootout). Hawaii is the weakest at-large, but should be ecstastic to see a BCS bowl game for the first time in school history. While I hate to see Missouri drop out of the BCS, Hawaii deserves this spot after going undefeated (WAC or not). Amazing how Missouri goes from #1 BCS all the way down to the Cotton Bowl.

Although wouldn’t this be nicer…
taking in six-conference champs and two automatic bids (regardless of conference affiliation)

#1. Ohio State [Big 10]
#2. LSU [SEC]
#3. Georgia [At-large]
#4. Oklahoma [Big XII]
#5. USC [Pac-10]
#6. Va. Tech [ACC]
#7. West Virginia [Big East]
#8. Hawaii [At-large]

Until next time…


Paymon said...

I am glad you saw the light on LSU. Georgia did not even win the SEC East and LSU has the stronger resume.

I have the same top 5, but have Missouri at 6. Why Missouri and not Kansas? For starters, they won head-to-head on a neutral field. Also, many forget that they defeated Illinois on a neutral field.

Right now, I see Oklahoma playing Hawaii (could be Arizona State, but probably not) in the Fiesta and Georgia facing Missouri in the Sugar. I scowl at the Rose Bowl taking Illinois, but are the Big Ten #2.

Great work!

Chris Clement said...

I agree with a lot of your sentiments.

I wonder though if Oklahoma will again be the "team who plays the BCS darling" (Boise State last year and potentially Hawaii this year).

I wish Missouri was in too. But Kansas will be unfortunately with 1 loss and not playing this last weekend.

Paymon said...

Well, I was right about Mizzou being 6th in the BCS, but that wasn't good enough to get them in over Kansas, who they beat on a neutral field and possessed a beefier resume.

Congrats on picking all of the teams correctly.