Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pay’s Pick & Roll – December 8, 2007

Since before the college basketball season, I have thought about having a short daily post highlighting a topic or two … or however many I like. Unfortunately, a demanding work schedule put those wishes to rest for the first few weeks of the season.

Enter Pay’s Pick & Roll.

How does it work? I pick a college basketball topic and I roll with it. It’s that simple. The goal is for it to be a daily post, but reality will win out and I can live with that.


Early ACC Dominance: To Be Translated in March?

Save the three teams located in the Triangle area, the ACC was not expected to make plenty of noise this season. However, Miami, whose football program has taken a nosedive, has the top basketball RPI ranking … NATIONALLY. Sure, Morgan State and Alabama State will not have RPI Top 100 rankings come March, they have them now. Add the now-annual pre-conference surge by Clemson and the ACC boasts four undefeated teams. In fact, there’s only one team (Where are you, Thaddeus and Javaris???) in the conference that does not possess a winning record.

Though I expect the Pac-10, one-third of the conference won preseason tournaments. If that’s not a message to the rest of the country and the preseason media darlings, the Pac-10, then I don’t know what is.

Tournament. It will be a rat race in the With all of this said, I will be hard-pressed to see more than six teams from the ACC dancing in March. Why? Barring severe health issues, North Carolina and Duke WILL finish with at least 12 wins - a feat that was achieved by exactly zero teams in the conference last season. This will result in a bevy of teams who will finish with 6-8 conference wins prior to the ACCACC pack; and, in some cases, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee may take a chance on a veteran mid-major school with a lesser name.

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