Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 NFL Questions Going Into Week 15

Well, as everyone knows, Week 15 already has two games in the books and one head coach on the outs. To this point, everyone, their mother, their father, and their third cousin once removed on the father’s side has had a negative thought aimed towards Bobby Petrino, who has made us all forget for at least a second about Nick Saban’s dearth in loyalty. In this man’s opinion, Petrino took advantage of a broken system in college football that rewards disingenuous coaches for their undying devotion to the green. This leads us into the first question …

1. How will the Falcons respond on the field to the shock exit of former head coach Bobby Petrino?

2. On a level from 1 to 10, how upset do you think New England Patriots Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli (AKA “The Architect”) was that the lowly 49ers won a game and likely took the Patriots out of the top four picks in next April's NFL Draft?

3. What’s the name of that NFL head coach who wanted to get rid of all bad behavior in Minnesota? What’s the name of that NFL head coach who will likely start safety Dwight Smith following misdemeanor marijuana possession?

4. Will the Pittsburgh Steelers be able to stop the run without the vital services of Aaron Smith against the Jacksonville Jaguars? If so, can Dick LeBeau dial up the right blitz packages to stifle Jags QB David Garrard?

5. Did you tell anyone that the Buffalo/Cleveland game was meaningful to the playoffs back when the schedules came out? Liar.


Chris Clement said...

Two quotes from the first 8 minutes of NFL Countdown (all I can stand of Berman)...

Tom Jackson: "So let me get this straight. New England and New York. They cheated against them and now they're going to take their revenge!"

Mike Ditka: "Kinda interesting. I cheated and now I'm gonna punch you in the mouth over it."

Ahhh, I love the theatre.

I also love that, despite the "blizzard", New England is rolling 50 on us.

And we may not enter the redzone.

Book it.

The cheaters seek their revenge.

Of course, the Boston media reads it like this...

"Stop snitchin!"

summy said...

I love the tainted New York view on things :-p

I think it was "revenge" for the "hey, dickheads, you ratted us out when you do/did the same exact thing yourselves. Hell, if that 'cheating' helped us, then it helped your coach get his job too. Besides who really needs to 'cheat' to beat y'all this year?" manuever pulled by the Jets game.

Ditka should go back to grabbing his crotch on live TV.

But yes, that 24 point line was too massive for that weather...if I was a gambling man I would've put money on the Jets not losing by the spread.