Sunday, November 11, 2007

5 NFL Questions Going Into Week 10

We are counting down to kickoff and there are more than five questions on my mind. Here are the top five ...
  1. How will the Jacksonville Jaguars react to last week's blowout and the four-game suspension of stud defensive tackle Marcus Stroud?
  2. Can the Chicago D finally assert themselves against an Oakland offense that has been a little too charitable of late? If so, will we see #1 overall pick Jamarcus Russell?
  3. Which Phillip Rivers will we see on Sunday night against the Colts?
  4. Can the Browns sustain enough of a running game without their starting left guard and a battered right guard to buy Derek Anderson time to pass against the Steelers?
  5. Can the Giants avoid the mental mistakes that have marred the team in big games (en route to a victory versus the Cowboys)?


Chris Clement said...

1) The Jags and Titans might be the two most complex teams to figure out. I believe Vince Young may have a TD/INT ratio of something like 4 to 10. I wonder if Gray is holding the ship up just as many other weak backups (I remember Quincy Carter going 2-1 for the Jets in a playoff year when Chad was -shocker- hurt) have throughout the past few seasons.

2) It was a hideous game to say the least. It's obvious Jamarcus will see plenty of pt this season. Neverthelee, Chicago and Philly are still in the playoff race. Especially if Washington, NYG, and the Saints and even the Lions fall back into the pack more.

3) He throws 3 TDs in 6 passes the one week I see him. I think Rivers has gotten off a lot in this season's struggles. It isn't all Norv or Contrell. Rivers doesn't make plays.

4) Derek Anderson is the new Drew Brees. Not in terms of overall talent, but in his position. I wish the Browns had won though. That shows you how they just aren't there yet to contend for a playoff spot. Although the Cribbs return was, as Barkley would say, "Fantastic!".

5) Nope. Remember the Seattle game a few years back? Like 10 illegal procedure/false starts/delay of games. It's funny how separated Romo and Eli seem to be. It's also sad how much the networks are going to jock Romo, who I like on the field more than off, as they have with guys like Favre, Brady, Peyton, etc.

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