Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday FourCast: Week 8

Last week’s FourCast, courtesy of Pay, had its final thought begin with “I’m so done with” at the end. I hope it wasn’t in reference to Steve Czaban, but I fear it was. Sadly, I’ll continue the trend with another of his not-so-original segments, “This may be a dumb question…”.

This may be a dumb question…but, does anyone else think Tom Brady may account for 60 touchdowns this season? [Especially if he loses to the Colts in Week 9 and the Patriots are fighting for home-field down the stretch.] You laugh now, but wait and see if it’s realistic or not.

1) The Dolphins are that bad.
If you watched any of their “London Bowl” showdown versus the now 6-2 Giants, you caught a first-hand glimpse of how dreadful things will remain to be in Miami. Cleo Lemon gives 100% effort yet has around 65% skill. With Ronnie Brown on the IR, Zack Thomas banged up all season, a completely depleted secondary and the trade of Chris Chambers, Miami may not go 0-16, but will field one of the NFL’s worst teams in recent memory.

2) Look out, NFC South! The Saints … Are Coming!
When the Saints rediscovered the ‘Aints at 0-4, they were all but written off. An anomaly from 2006 that was exposed as a flash in the pan. Not true. The team has rebounded with 3 wins and a much-needed bye week. Suddenly, Drew Brees is throwing touchdowns again, Reggie Bush is willing to carry the load, Marques Colston isn’t a one-year wonder and even the defense has gelled a bit. While there are still pressing issues (pass rush, interior offensive line, Bush’s durability) galore, this is one team the rest of the NFC doesn’t want to match up with in the playoffs.

3) Fantasy Football’s impact
We all know fantasy football has forever changed the landscape of football. Why else would so many of us wonder if we should start Kevin Walter, Keary Colbert or Arnaz Battle? Proof positive in fantasy’s impact comes from a personal story. Down 52-0, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley catches a useless TD to spring me to an apparent victory. Not so fast. Pay’s tight end, Vernon Davis, trailing 31-3, catches one moments later with under a minute left in his game to snatch victory away from me. We both knew at that instant what had happened. Is it sad or fantasy football savvy? I don’t want to answer.

4) Patriots vs. Colts
Let the hype machine begin. Actually, that’s unfair to say. It began several weeks ago. In enter two undefeated teams, 8-0 for the Pats and 7-0 for the Colts, which have decimated nearly everyone in their sight. Each have played their fair share of talented teams (or so we think) and both are the elite of the NFL. Forget the spreads, the experts, the commentators, the quarterbacks, the coaches, the safeties, the wideouts and everything. This game is going to come down to whether or not the Colts can gameplan a way to stop the Patriots offense. Right now, they score whenever they have to and whenever they want to. Unfortunately for the NFL, they always seem to want to.

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