Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 6

As an owner of a struggling fantasy team and a borderline, pathetically-putrid NFL team (1-4 Jets), this NFL season hasn’t been easy.

Don’t let the haters fool you. It isn’t fun to root against the teams you hate. In the end, you end up only temporarily distracting yourself from the pain and suffering your favorite team has inflicted upon you.

Did I mention I am also a Yankees fan?

Moving on, Week 6 offers us even more injury news, bye weeks galore and teams ready to emerge, or potentially submerge, from their current standings.

As for the picks, it was another up and down week.

NFL Picks: [8-6]
Washington @ Green Bay [-3.5]

Source: Yahoo! Sports

The 3.5 spread looms large in a game that may come down to youthful yet talented kickers. While Favre’s magic wore off a little in primetime last Sunday night, the Packer rushing attack is finally gaining some versatility. With that being said, the Skins are hard to predict this season. If they can get a healthy effort from Portis and potentially Santana Moss, roll the dice and take the Skins to at least beat the spread.

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay [-3]

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Tampa is still under the radar at 3-2, but is now missing valuable backup RB Michael Pittman. While Vince Young had way too many turnovers last weekend, at home no less, the Titans D – anchored by Defensive Player of the Year frontunner Albert Haynesworth – bailed out the second-year QB. Take the Titans as the easiest road “dog” to pick this weekend.

New England @ Dallas [-5.5]

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Bettors are scratching their foreheads and shaking in their boots after this spread jumped from 3 to 5.5 following the near debacle in Buffalo on Monday Night. While Romo is unlikely to have 6 turnovers again, nobody is covering like the Patsies this season. Put some money in the bank behind the Patriots, even with the ever-rising spread, this weekend in Big D.

NCAA Picks: [5-3]
#11 Missouri @ #6 Oklahoma (-9)

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Missouri is one of the few undefeateds left in all of college football. While they’ve risen big time in the rankings because of so many upsets in the past two weeks, it’d be a mistake to doubt their overall talent. However, the bigger mistake would be believing OU at home isn’t still the most talented team in the Big XII. Unless the spread pushes double digits early Saturday morning, run with the Sooners to use Malcolm Kelly to exploit an untested Missouri secondary early and often.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits

…Last Week…
Anthony Gonzalez: 7 catches for 71 yards isn’t shabby for a risky #3 wideout play.
Maurice Jones-Drew: Why LJ owners were still cryin’, Jones-Drew rumbled for a big TD and had his first strong outing of the ’07 campaign.

Bobby Engram: 2 catches for 25 yards. Sadly, he had one of the ‘better’ fantasy days for the Seahawks last weekend.

…This Week…
Larry Johnson: If he can’t be started against the Bengals, cut him. Seriously.
Joey Harrington: What!?!? With all the bye week issues, still start Joey, as the Giant secondary has been overachieving a bit as of late.
LenDale White: While it seems easier to start Chris Brown some weeks, White will be the bruising back the Titans use to control the ball against the Bucs. Vince’s turnovers last week will assure the decision to team White and Chris Brown for plenty of carries this week.

…Last Week…
Joey Harrington: Don’t look above and make me eat my words instantly.
Marshawn Lynch: He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t that good either.

Patrick Crayton: That last drive aided his owners a ton. And since I was one of them, I’m not afraid to be wrong every so often.

…This Week…
Brian Griese: Even though they’re at home, the Bears will have trouble all day isolating open wideouts in a talented Viking secondary. Sit Griese if you can.
Ike Hillard: Don’t buy into the fantasy trends and make such a risky start. Especially not this week.
Thomas Jones: The Philly rush D never scares anyone, but TJ has been nothing short of useless this season, whether fantasy-related or not.

Maybe next week will be easier on a lot of us. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s all over by now.

Until next time…

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