Monday, October 15, 2007

Answers to the Week 6 Questions

Although today's action re-raised questions about the Bears defense, others were answered. Here are a few that were.

  1. At day's end, will Oakland remain at the top of the AFC West? ~ Nope. LaDainian Tomlinson finally reminded us of something other than that he watches football on his Vizio. Kansas City also won and are now 3-3 along with the Chargers.
  2. Will the Saints remember that they have a good football team or will Drew Brees continue to flounder? ~ They did for about 2.5 quarters and it was enough tonight. Two major ingredients were visible - good playcalling and execution. As we learned with the Bears, it doesn't mean they're back to 2006 form.
  3. Which struggling QB will get the hook [first] - Tarvaris Jackson, Damon Huard, Chad Pennington or Joey Harrington? ~ None so far. Jackson and Huard were solid. Pennington should've been pulled at the midway point of the 3rd quarter, but I'm not Eric Mangini. Good luck to Joseph Harrington without his left tackle and a head coach who lacks confidence in him.
  4. Can the Jaguars break their jinx against Houston? ~ They sure did. It was not pretty either. The Jags really showed their maturity by not looking ahead to their matchup next week against the Colts.
  5. Which unknown player will emerge as Week 6's fantasy stud? ~ Something could happen on Monday night, but for my money, which is not very much, it's a tie between QB Cleo Lemon (4 TDs) and WR Kevin Walter (160 yards receiving). Fantasy gurus knew Lemon's opponent (Cleveland) had given up 15 passing TDs through the first five games, but Walter's emergence was a total shock in spite of being the WR2 coming out of training camp.

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