Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 4

This week’s edition offers up several challenges whether it be from the NFL ranks (Which team doesn’t have a star RB hurting or slumping?), the NCAA (Why bother with having pre-season polls anymore) or the fantasy realm (Did anyone else peg Kevin Curtis for 200+ yards?).

While we’re barely a quarter of the way there, plenty of teams have to be feeling like their season is already over. Whether you’re a fan of the 0-3 New Orleans Saints, the 0-4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, or the struggling 0-3 fantasy team that is plagued with injuries and low scores, tougher times may be nearby.

That is, unless you have Norv Turner to right the ship!

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Let’s dive head-first into the NFL side of things.

NFL Picks: [5-4]
New England [-7] @ Cincinnati

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It’s a lot of points for a road team in primetime. However, the Bengals D is borderline anemic and the Patriots will take advantage of their extra day to scheme the Bengals O. Just as we saw in 2006, the Patriots will dominate the Bengals in the second half and cruise to a huge victory.

Seattle [-1 ½] @ San Francisco

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Talk about owning a team. San Fran swept Seattle last year, yet lost the divisional race because they lost twice to Arizona. As ugly as the Niners looked last weekend against the Steelers, Frank Gore will slice and dice through the Hawks rush D as the Niners take the outright victory.

Philadelphia @ NY Giants [NL]

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It’s not uncommon to have no line for an NFC East matchup. While the Giants outscored the Skins 21-0 in the second half en route to their first victory, expect McNabb and his nameless receivers to rack up plenty of points and take home the shootout W.

NCAA Picks: [3-1]
#5. West Virginia [-7] @ #18. South Florida

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You can bet Rich Rodriguez and company won’t be sleeping on the pride of Tampa this time. Despite Raymond James Stadium being filled to capacity, Pat White, Steve Slaton and Noel Devine will have their revenge and hold up the spread while doing it.

#6. California [+4.5] @ #11. Oregon

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Am I missing something here? California’s talented wideouts will have a field day against the Quack Attack’s questionable secondary. Don’t bet the house, but bet plenty on the Golden Bears devouring this spread.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits:
…Last Week…
LJ: This is starting to become a real issue for some owners. Unfortunately, he draws the Charger rush D anchored by Jamal Williams this week. Ouch.
Pennington: Told ya so. He even ran one in!
Moss: Campbell has overthrown him far too many times for his owners to feel too great about him being anything more than a #3 wideout this season on your fantasy squad.

…This Week…
Marshawn Lynch: You always start an RB who draws the Jets. Always.
Ben Roethlisberger: He has a lot to prove against former coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. It doesn’t hurt that the Cardinals secondary, outside of Adrian Wilson, pretty much stinks.
Travis Henry: Expect a bounce-back effort. Shanahan knows the rush game has to put up good numbers for Denver to have any shot with Indy.

…Last Week…
Rivers: About what I expected honestly. Better fantasy performance than the real performance. People really overrated him, even if he did go 14-2 last season.
Leftwich: Joey Harrington!?!? Where has THAT been?
Curtis: I don’t think there’s a big enough shoe to fill my big mouth after this debacle.

…This Week…
Julius Jones: It’s officially time to stop wondering how much Barber will steal from him. Now, it’s Jones who will have to be the thief.
Wes Welker: Look for a lot of big plays to Moss and Stallworth this week. The underneath routes won’t net much more than 4-5 points for Welker.
Roddy White: When's the last time a Falcon wideout put together back-to-back stellar performances? Exactly.

If I could just say a few more words, I’d be a better writer.

Until next time…

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