Monday, September 24, 2007

The Answers

... to the NFL Week 3 Questions

1. In short, they could not cover the Detroit quartet. When Calvin Johnson went down, the numbers subsided. Nevertheless, Detroit mustered 400+ yards through the air. What many didn’t know was that “Donovan MakNabb [sic] is fantastic.” Thank you, Charles Barkley.
2. Nope. Steven Jackson finally got over the century mark, but LT and LJ struggled. LT found the endzone … through the air. Their teams are a combined 2-7.
3. Apparently, other people feel this way. Rex’s travails climaxed in the second half. The crowd chanted Griese, but Lovie Smith stuck to his guns.
4. No sign of the axe in Miami. Trent Green played well and Ronnie Brown rediscovered form with three trips to paydirt.
5. In three capitalized letters, YES!

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