Sunday, September 30, 2007

5 NFL Questions Goings Into Week 4

1) With Stephen Jackson already ruled out, how will the St. Louis Rams develop a game plan that won't leave QB Marc Bulger, already nursing sore ribs, constantly planted on the turf of Texas Stadium?

2) Are the Oakland Raiders, under the leadership of first-year coach Lane Kiffin, slowly losing their moniker of a team that has no fire, intensity, or faith in their ability to win games?

3) Will Panthers QB David Carr begin a career resurrection this week...or...will he find himself in a familiar position (sacked multiple times and on the losing end of a divisional matchup)?

4) Will the anticipated hoopla and celebration over Brett Favre's 421st TD pass building by the minute in Minnesota, will the "moment" aid or prevent the Packers from moving to 4-0 this weekend?

5) Will LT or LJ rescue their teams, and respective fantasy owners, from further peril?

***Extra Credit Question***
6) Which injured starter, likely to play still, is most likely to aid his team in earning a W.
A) Brian Westbrook
B) Kellen Winslow II
C) Plexico Burress
D) Shaun Alexander
E) None of the Above

1 comment:

Paymon said...

Great second question, Clement! I've had an opportunity to watch Oakland more than most and have been thoroughly impressed by Lane Kiffin's confidence and playcalling schemes.

In two years, he'll be the hot coaching prospect if Al Davis is unwilling to cough up the dough.

I will admit that the failure of a third-round pick (waived Quentin Moses) will hurt the seamless transition that Oakland was planning in the front 4.

I still like the product on the field for the most part given the lack of talent. They'll be in a lot more games this season if Jordan stays healthy.