Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NBA Mock Draft Version 4.0

Due to the rumors running rampant across the air waves, we are doing a more simple version of the mock draft including all 60 picks and a few trades.

Chicago trades the rights to the 9th pick (projected: Jeff Green) to Sacramento for the rights to the 10th pick (projected: Spencer Hawes) and cash considerations.
Phoenix trades the rights to the 29th pick to Cleveland for cash.
Philadelphia trades the rights to the 38th pick to Indiana for two future second-round picks (unprotected).
Portland trades the rights to the 52nd pick to the LA Clippers for a future second-round pick (unprotected).

We'll do our best to have a mock with more deals tomorrow as they become closer to fruition or even finalized.

1st Round

1. Portland. Greg Oden, C, Ohio State.
2. Seattle. Kevin Durant, SF, Texas.
3. Atlanta. Al Horford, PF, Florida.
4. Memphis. Brandan Wright, PF, North Carolina.
5. Boston. Yi Jianlian, PF, Guangdong Tigers (China).
6. Milwaukee. Mike Conley Jr., PG, Ohio State.
7. Minnesota. Corey Brewer, SF, Florida.
8. Charlotte. Joakim Noah, PF, Florida.
9. Chicago (from New York). Jeff Green, SF, Georgetown. à rights traded to Sacramento
10. Sacramento. Spencer Hawes, C, Washington. à rights traded to Chicago
11. Atlanta (from Indiana). Acie Law IV, PG, Texas A&M.
12. Philadelphia. Al Thornton, PF/SF, Florida State.
13. New Orleans. Nick Young, SG, USC.
14. LA Clippers. Javaris Crittenton, PG, Georgia Tech.
15. Detroit (from Orlando). Rodney Stuckey, SG/PG, Eastern Washington.
16. Washington. Julian Wright, SF/PF, Kansas.
17. New Jersey. Jason Smith, PF, Colorado State.
18. Golden State. Thaddeus Young, SF, Georgia Tech.
19. LA Lakers. Josh McRoberts, PF, Duke.
20. Miami. Derrick Byars, SG/SF, Vanderbilt.
21. Philadelphia (from Denver). Sean Williams, PF/C, Boston College.
22. Charlotte (from Toronto). Rudy Fernandez, SG, DKV Joventut (Spain).
23. New York (from Chicago). Wilson Chandler, SF, DePaul.
24. Phoenix (from Cleveland via Boston). Marco Belinelli, SG, Climamio Bologna (Italy).
25. Utah. Morris Almond, SG, Rice.
26. Houston. Glen Davis, PF, Louisiana State.
27. Detroit. Tiago Splitter, PF/C, Tau Ceramica (Spain).
28. San Antonio. Jared Dudley, SF, Boston College
29. Phoenix à traded to Cleveland. Daequan Cook, SG, Ohio State.
30. Philadelphia (from Dallas via Denver and Golden State). Gabe Pruitt, PG, USC.

2nd Round

31. Seattle (from Memphis). Petteri Koponen, PG, Honka Playboys (Finland).
32. Boston. Kyrylo Fesenko, C, Cherkassy (Ukraine).
33. San Antonio (from Milwaukee). Arron Afflalo, SG, UCLA.
34. Dallas (from Atlanta). Alando Tucker, SF, Wisconsin.
35. Seattle. Nick Fazekas, PF, Nevada.
36. Golden State (from Minnesota). Dominic McGuire, SF, Fresno State.
37. Portland. Demetris Nichols, SF, Syracuse.
38. Philadelphia (from New York via Chicago) à traded to Indiana. Taurean Green, PG, Florida
39. Orlando (from Sacramento via Utah). Aaron Brooks, PG, Oregon.
40. LA Lakers (from Charlotte). Marcus Williams, SG/SF, Arizona.
41. Minnesota (from Philadelphia). Marc Gasol, C, Akasvayu Girona (Spain).
42. Portland (from Indiana). Zoran Erceg, PF, Zeleznik (Serbia).
43. New Orleans. Kyle Visser, PF/C, Wake Forest.
44. Orlando. Aaron Gray, C, Pittsburgh.
45. LA Clippers. Carl Landry, PF, Purdue.
46. Golden State (from New Jersey). Ramon Sessions, PG, Nevada.
47. Washington. Ali Traore, PF, Le Havre (France).
48. LA Lakers. Zabian Dowdell, PG/SG, Virginia Tech.
49. Chicago (from Golden State via Denver, Boston and Phoenix). JamesOn Curry, SG, Oklahoma State.
50. Dallas (from Miami via LA Lakers). Stanko Barac, C, Siroki (Bosnia).
51. Chicago (from Denver). Stephane Lasme, PF, Massachusetts.
52. Portland (from Toronto) à traded to LA Clippers. Reyshawn Terry, SF, North Carolina
53. Portland (from Chicago). Shagari Alleyne, C, Manhattan.
54. Orlando (from Cleveland). Trey Johnson, SG, Jackson State.
55. Utah. Ivan Radenovic, PF, Arizona.
56. Milwaukee (from Houston). Jermareo Davidson, PF, Alabama.
57. Detroit. Renaldas Seibutis, SG, Maroussi Athens (Greece).
58. San Antonio. Milovan Rakovic, PF, Mega Ishrana (Serbia).
59. Phoenix. Herbert Hill, PF, Providence.
60. Dallas. Russell Carter, SG, Notre Dame.


Chris Clement said...

Obviously the most overhyped trade going through the various networks today is:
Phoenix sends Amare Stoudemire to Atlanta. Atlanta sends the #3 and #11 picks to Minnesota. Minnesota ships Kevin Garnett to Phoenix.

But according to ESPN's Rick Bucher, nothing is even on the table.

Minnesota has apparently stated they definitely aren't interested in a straight-up deal with Phoenix regarding Marion or even Stoudemire.

Atlanta, with whom LA and Phoenix want to be a partner with, has those two picks and apparently may be the final step in Stoudemire departing and Garnett entering.

While I highly doubt the deal actually goes down, it'd move the 1st Team NBA Center (Amare) to re-join former teammate Joe Johnson while Garnett joins Steve Nash (and I suppose Sean Marion) in Phoenix.

Minnesota then has 3 picks in the top 11. Including #3, #7 (their original), and #11. Wow. They could go after a slew of talent including the likes of Horford, Jianlian, and perhaps Acie Law. (Who knows what type of combo they'd most prefer.)

I don't like Phoenix swapping Amare for KG, especially at their ages and Amare's seemingly flawless return to good health this season (he played 82 games).

Either way, I'm interested.

And it could muck up any hard done on a good mock draft.


Anonymous said...

Here is how I would play it out. Assuming there aren't any trades (which is never possible):

1. Portland - Greg Oden
2. Seattle - Kevin Durant
3. Atlanta - Al Horford
4. Memphis - Mike Conley Jr.
5. Boston - Yi Jianlian
6. Millwaukee - Corey Brewer
7. Minnesota - Joakim Noah
8. Charlotte - Jeff Green
9. Chicago - Spencer Hawes
10. Sacremento - Brandon Wright
11. Atlanta - Javaris Crittenton
12. Philadelphia - Al Thornton
13. New Orleans - Nick Young
14. LA Clippers - Acie Law
15. Detroit - Rodney Stuckey
16. Washington - Julian Wright

That's all I can do. Otherwise, it's pointless.

Paymon said...

Acie Law to ATL has died down and may slip all the way to Miami at 20. The Clips have settled on Javaris, assuming he's on the board.

I'd be shocked to see Brandan Wright slip to 10, although Andy Katz said it was possible. The team that drafts Noah in favor of BWright is the team for which I have no sympathy.