Thursday, June 07, 2007

NBA Finals Predictions

PHSports always previews the biggest games, and series, the sporting world has to offer.

So why wouldn't we have some fun with the NBA Finals, which begin tonight at 9pm on ABC.

Only one more week of RIGHT NOW!

A few of the reglar staff writers have included their picks for the 2006-2007 champions, as well as their NBA Finals MVP and their NBA Finals MOP. Don't be fooled into thinking we're talking NCAA-esque Most Outstanding Player. We can't show that much love.

Instead, we're talking about the Most Overrated Player. As in who, while many expect they should, will not be able to make the type of positive impact their team is expecting.

And we're not talking elbow-shots from Big Shot Rob either.

Without further adieu...

Paymon says...
Spurs in 6. [If only to be different, as Pay clearly targets 5 like somebody else who follows.]
MVP: Tim Duncan
MOP: Larry Hughes

Armin says...
Cavs take it in 7.
MVP: LeBron "King" James
MOP: Bruce Bowen

Sum says...
Cavs epic upset in 7.
MVP: LeBron James
MOP: Tony Parker

Clement says...
Spurs win in 5.
MVP: Tim Duncan
MOP: Daniel "Boobie" Gibson

Let's hear YOUR picks [before Game 1 please] to see if you can do it better.

We'll have plenty of analysis, throughout the series, whether it goes 4,5,6, or even 7.

Despite the NBA experts and Vegas all banking on an easy Spurs victory (which would be their fourth title in nine years), some of us are holding out, even with idle wishing, that we may have a better Finals than expected.

Until next time...

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