Monday, June 18, 2007

NBA Draft Deadline Looms

For the sake of brevity, here are the details on which early entrants are remaining in the 2007 NBA Draft. The majority of the news should be credited to Andy Katz of

Staying in the Draft
Jeff Green (Georgetown). As a sure-fire top-12 pick, Green's stock was too good to pass up. This is bittersweet for the Hoyas who were holding out hope for the Big East Player of the Year's return for his senior season.

Spencer Hawes (Washington). Hawes' draft stock has come into question during workouts, as teams fear him becoming a stiff. Nevertheless, Hawes is a proven low-post scorer and a has a nice mid-range jumper to boot. His decision to stay in the draft should not come as a shock.

Thaddeus Young (Georgia Tech). Last week, Young said he would return to Georgia Tech if he were not to be selected as a lottery pick but later backed off his strong comments. Young will likely be drafted between the 13th and 18th picks.

Ramon Sessions (Nevada). Sessions was a second-round talent at best prior to the pre-draft camp, where he excelled as a floor general, defender, shooter, and rebounder.

JamesOn Curry (Oklahoma State). There's always the forehead scratching decision and this is it. Curry has been absent from any second round talk on any mock draft site that is privy to international talent.

Withdrawing from the Draft
DeVon Hardin (California). Andy Katz of pulls a Kobe Bryant - switching his report from earlier today. Not really. The San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday that Hardin, whose stock is at its current peak, was going to sign with an agent [and thus, remain in the draft]. Anyhow, his workouts made a profound statement to NBA executives who will be considering him next year.

Marcelus Kemp (Nevada). Being a borderline second rounder wasn't good enough for Kemp, who has the explosiveness and talent to compete at the next level, but can use an extra year to refine his skills.

Dominic James (Marquette). James had hoped that his form at the pre-draft camp would be similar to that of his jaw-dropping performance against Duke earlier this season. He never rediscovered that form and struggled with his shooting touch amongst other difficulties.

Maureece Rice (George Washington). GW head coach Karl Hobbs always encourages his players to test the draft waters. Rice did and now he returns to the nation's capital to lead his team.

Aaron Bruce (Baylor). Duh.

Jaycee Carroll (Utah State). Read the comment above.

Shaun Pruitt (Illinois). Pruitt had a chance to raise his stock, but he did not. His return to Illinois will give him a chance to work on his game and complete his degree.


Chris Clement said...

I'm not sure how much higher Hawes can go, especially since he seems to be projected as early as Chicago (9) on a lot of boards. I think he's gonna stay in; especially since Hibbert, as well all should know by now, stayed at GTown.

As a Cuse fan, good bye Jeff Green. He never torched us, but he did it to plenty others in the Big Least. Although he did get an extra step against Vandy (I only still pine as Vandy was my sleeper Elite Eight pick).

As for the others, especially Kemp, who was the right move.

I was wondering about Sean Singletary though. Any confirmation on a guy who I hear a LOT about (based in Richmond) staying/going?


Paymon said...

He's returning for his senior season according to a report from Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman.