Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lazy Sunday Thoughts

With heat waves scorching the earth (Al Gore, help us!) where I, and I’m sure most of your loyal readers out there, live…I feel that it’s almost as if the heat has permeated my entire house and left me struggling for column ideas.

Rather than illicitly bash Michael Vick, I figured a few quick-shots (yes, even one pertaining to our beloved Ron Mexico), would suffice for a sufficient weekend round up. I like that word today.

1) Ever notice how extraordinarily unlikable Michael Vick has become?
Whether it’s the alleged pot-in-a-water-bottle fiasco or the recent pit bull-ridiculousness (I love how everyone claims their pit bull is precious and would never hurt a fly, when only like three docile ones exist on planet Earth), Vick can’t get any positive PR out for himself. In fact, doesn’t this seem almost in direct contrast to that of another young phenom named LeBron James. While the King isn’t flawless behind the camera, when off the court, he’s able to flash an innocent smile (or reject an annoying neighbor’s shot attempt) and then remind us of his on-court brilliant when breaking his opponent’s ankles on the court. Meanwhile, Vick’s best moment, his triumph on the road at Leambeau in the playoffs, seems like it occurred back in the dark ages. While the two aren’t linked at the hip, it’s obvious which organization and sporting association, even if it’s the weaker one, has a young superstar it can cling to confidently for years to come.

The real dirty bird emerges more and more as of late.

2) Does anyone care about Kobe’s latest barrage of comments, besides ESPN radio?
Kobe. While 100% of the blame can’t go to him for the current disaster in Los Angeles, anyone with half a brain knows he wasn’t willing to stick it out with the Diesel. In the end, Kobe isn’t leaving LA either. Not unless Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss want to be known as the guys who traded Shaq and Kobe. Or do they???
“Yes, I want to be traded,” turns into, “I love it here in LA. I want to be a Laker forever. Phil talked me off the ledge.” All I know is that Bryant is doing what he does best, worrying about himself.

3) The Yankees stink.
Yeah, they could still turn it around in time to make a late playoff run. Yet, it’s their recent off-season moves that have stunk up the joint more than anything else. I won’t mention much about Giambi, already too sickened every six weeks when there’s talk of “voiding his contract”. Yeah, right. The Randy Johnson-debacle was doomed before it began. Multiply that by ten thousand with the signing of Carl Pavano. Bobby Abreu was fun during the regular season last year, but was no upgrade over the oft-inconsistent Gary Sheffield in right field. Good luck trying to move that contract now, Brian. Ironically, despite having perhaps his best year as a pro, keeping catcher Posada, at his age, might be a mistake next year. Unfortunately, especially for us fans, the list goes on and on…and on.

4) Boxing is dead, again.
Mere weeks after the super fight…and nobody cares anymore.

5) UFC missed out, despite cover pages on SI and ESPN the Magazine and a cameo on Entourage, when “Rampage” Jackson tattooed Chuck Liddell with a vicious right hand less than two minutes into their much-hyped fight.
If you can catch Jackson’s interviews, it’s four thousands times as entertaining as that “fight”. While UFC is on the rise, it took a crippling blow when Liddell failed miserably in the biggest fight of his career.

Sorry Chuck. That had to hurt.

6) Tim Duncan and LeBron James proved why the NBA should hand its awards in early July.
Each is not only worthy of the league’s MVP, but Duncan also serves as its top defensive player and James perhaps has carried one of the most mediocre teams to the finals (even out of the Eastern Conference). Other proof was served when Manu Ginobili proved his worth over that Barbosa-guy in that series. Sorry Sam Mitchell, but only Cleveland’s Mike Brown may be worthy of beating out Greg Popovich for Coach of the Year too. My only question is: what award should we give Robert Horry?

7) So, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are going on right now.
Apparently, Ottawa is seeking its first cup. I’m sure all of Canada is enthralled, while three dozen Americans tune in for the matchup. Their opponents? None other than the Disney-inspired Anaheim Mighty Ducks (also seeking their first cup). What do you think Mickey Mouse is going to do with the Cup, his day with it?

8) The World Series of Poker is upon us soon!
WOOT! Of course, ESPN’s nauseating coverage of every single bluff, call, raise, and blow-up will leave us all wishing they never put card games on TV by late August. While it can be fun near the end, let’s not ever call poker a sport. You can’t call it a sport when you can eat a hotdog, wear snake-sunglasses, or smell an orange while you’re doing it.

9) Billy Donovan is the new head coach in Orlando.
I like the hire, but not at that price. I suppose the cynic in me wonders if Donovan, especially with that roster, can take this team to the next level. Then again, isn’t that the exact reason they hired him? And if he can, isn’t this roster worthy of middle-contender status, at best, (ala New Jersey, Washington, and Toronto) in the Eastern Conference. While named like Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson stick out most; perhaps it’s guys like Redick, Ariza, and Milicic whom Donovan must reach. Of course the real source of my angst, related to this issue, is that I am now officially terrified Anthony Grant will soon leave VCU, especially this late in the hiring season, to re-join his former Gators. While I want the best for Grant, I don’t want it until at least after this season. Somehow I think Eric Maynor agrees.

This site may not be seen at Richmond for much longer.

I could go on, but I think I may be melting a little bit.

Until next time…


Paymon said...

A few thoughts off of your thoughts ...

- I'm waiting for ESPN to run an exclusive entitled "The Good Vick" with Marcus Vick. This would be done by none other than Tom Rinaldi.
- I actually cared about Kobe, but ESPN did overblow it.
- Spot on about the MVP award.
- I hope Grant goes to Florida, so Mason can be one step closer to being the best team in the conference next year.

Brad Slepetz said...

A post not about the NBA Draft?!?