Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sometimes, Fake News is Pretty True

In searching in all areas for everything NBA Draft, I came across this hard news item from our friends at The Onion. The site, renowned for its unadulterated satire, alleges every NCAA basketball player has declared themselves eligible for the NBA Draft.

It's a sad commentary though. Once again, this year's list of early entries surpasses the total number of selections (60) in the entire NBA draft. Though many will return to school after getting their name out in preparation for next year when they will actually forgo the remainder of their eligibility to turn pro. Of the players who leave and do not return, some players are simply tired of their current college situation while others may be in a position of dire financial need and ready to provide while toiling in Europe's lower leagues for years on end. Meanwhile, others hopelessly enter their names into the draft pool for neither of those reasons, as they've either told themselves or been told by all who come near that they're the greatest thing since Oreo ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Remember, no collegiate player entering early envisions becoming the next Matt Walsh or the next Darius Washington Jr. This is not just a slight to players ("student athletes" if you're PC) who make bad decisions, but also to their coaches, families, and entourages. When such early-entry players remain in the draft after June 18 and go undrafted without an invite in sight, signing with a club in a country that they've never heard of and don't want to live in, I'll have four words for them.

I told you so.

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