Saturday, May 12, 2007

NBA Draft Lottery set for May 22

We're counting down to the draft lottery, as it's been the biggest day on at least a few teams schedules in the new year.

We'll have our next mock draft update shortly after the lottery draw. Here are the teams in the lottery and their chances of getting the #1 pick overall.

Memphis 25.0%
Boston 19.9%
Milwaukee 15.6%
Phoenix* 11.9%
Seattle 8.8%
Portland 5.3%
Minnesota 5.3%
Charlotte 1.9%
Chicago** 1.9%
Sacramento 1.8%
Atlanta*** 0.8%
Philadelphia 0.7%
New Orleans 0.6%
LA Clippers 0.5%

* from Atlanta via Joe Johnson trade and carries top 3 protection
** has right to swap 1st round picks with New York via Eddy Curry trade
*** from Indiana via Al Harrington trade

1 comment:

Chris Clement said...

It won't happen...but if you were Memphis, would you take the following deal:

Shawn Marion & 3 Phoenix's 3-first round selections for the #1 pick.

Ditto question for Boston at #2.

Just so Phoenix could get Durant or even Oden.

Just a question...but a curious one???