Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spanning The Sports Globe

Here is a list of key sports items on today's docket ...

AC Milan overcame the haunting memories of Istanbul by defeating Liverpool 2-1 in Greece to win the UEFA Champions League trophy. Two goals from Pippo Inzaghi was the difference in a match dominated by Liverpool. Two years ago, the Reds came back from a three-goal deficit to score thrice in a six-minute span and then win in penalty kicks.

NBA Draft
Roy Hibbert is returning to school for his senior season. Citing that he does not want to sit on the bench, Hibbert has been the model for improvement since enrolling at Georgetown and will benefit from his senior year. Hibbert's removal ushers the way for center Spencer Hawes to move up considerably.

In other draft news, Teammate Jeff Green will remain in the draft and is slated to be drafted among the top 10 picks.

According to a league official, Brian Hill is out (again) as the head coach of the Orlando Magic. In his second year with the team, Hill led the Magic to the playoffs with a 40-42 record before being ousted by Detroit in the first round. Hill came under scrutiny for starting Tony Battie over Darko Milicic and seating JJ Redick on the bench. Considering that both Milicic (traded) and Redick (drafted) were obtained in exchange for 1st-round selections, the critics seem fit in their assessments. With a talented young team and room under the salary cap, the Magic won't have to twist many arms to gain admirers.

In Minnesota, Randy Wittman has received a multi-year contract after finishing 12-30 as interim head coach. Notice the choice of words. You don't earn a contract by going 12 for 42 in any sport, except for maybe baseball. Though I did not mention them in the cast of teams throwing games, the Timberwolves could be found anywhere except for on the basketball court last season.

Finally, in the NFL, Keyshawn Johnson retired. Not much to say on this one because it made sense. Keyshawn overvalues his talents in comparison to the market value and he reportedly did a very good job working the draft for ESPN.

Can someone suspend Jason Giambi already? He obviously took steroids, and now, he reportedly failed an amphetamines test administered by Major League Baseball. The last time I got away with saying "sorry" more than once was in elementary school. If Major League Baseball wants to project that image and become "America's Afterthought", then it's taking all the right steps to make that happen.

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