Friday, May 18, 2007

Four Burning Questions

If the Suns get eliminated tonight by the Spurs, does Phoenix's window to win the NBA Championship close?

NCAA Basketball
How many more articles can major sports columnists generate now that the last two major recruits, Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas committed to Kentucky and Florida, respectively?

How useless are the Cubs and Yankees? Seriously, the Mets pretty much gave away the final game of the series by resting the likes of Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Paul LoDuca, yet Ryan Dumpster [sic] with a little help from Scott Eyre flushed the Cubs' chances of achieving a split against a very good team. As for the Yanks, how about getting a trainer who can keep your squad healthy? No doubt, I believe they'll eventually start winning games and take the AL Wild Card live due to the glut of good teams in the NL Central.

Does anyone believe Brett Favre's latest assertion that he didn't ask or demand for a trade from the Green Bay Packers? This is less likely to be true than his demand to be traded to the 1996 Packers?

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