Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cornucopia of Football Goodness

* First things first. I’m not certain if Armin is going to be able to give out his overall team draft grades this week. Therefore, we suggest you check out the grades given out by CBS Sportsline’s Pete Prisco, who despite a publicly unacceptable man-crush on Jamaal Anderson, does a very good job.

* Here you go, Damien. Who knew that Keyshawn Johnson would get released just three days removed from Carolina’s selection of Dwayne Jarrett? I sure didn’t. Am I shocked? Not quite. Is Keyshawn the “cancer” that Terrell Owens and Randy Moss have been accused of being? Not one bit. He’s not as talented as either Owens or Moss, so there’s less margin for error in his character. There are conflicting reports on ESPN and PFT about a $3million roster bonus paid out to Johnson last month. If that is true, then the Panthers brass should be accountable for their indecisiveness because this year’s wide receiver draft class was rich with talent. With that said, Keyshawn’s professional football career may be over due to incongruence between his expectations and the marginalized offers he will receive.

* In Washington, many Redskins fans are angry that their team was unable to trade out of the 6th pick overall in order to amass more Day 1 picks. After Arizona took Levi Brown with the 5th pick, Minnesota knew that they would be able to draft either Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn. It all comes down to the hidden intentions of the Miami Dolphins, who preferred a guy in a boot (Ted Ginn Jr.) compared to Brady Quinn. That was truly a Saer Sene moment of shock. All hindsight aside, porous is a euphemism for the Redskins defensive line and they ignored Jamaal Anderson in favor of LaRon Landry (who I actually love). Not to mention, safety is one of the least important positions on the football field and the Redskins will have two of the highest drafted safeties in NFL history. I can see the Washington spinsters saying something to the tune of, “No one wants to play our back seven”.

* What were you thinking, Philadelphia? It’s one thing to draft a quarterback on Day 1. It’s another to select one in Round 2 at pick 36. It’s insane to trade up in order to reach for Kevin Kolb. Unlike most Eagles fans, I knew, albeit begrudgingly, that the Eagles needed to select a quarterback on Day 1 of the draft. Like it or not, Donovan McNabb has missed significant playing time in three of the last five years and AJ Feeley is not good enough to carry the ship. Nevertheless, the Eagles should have beefed up their secondary prior to the 5th round.

* Joe Andruzzi was released today by the Cleveland Browns. Expect a mad dash for the guard, because you can never have enough offensive line help. Expect a certain team who didn’t draft any offensive linemen to make an offer.


Anonymous said...


I don't know anything about college football/players. Could you provide some thoughts on the Giants' draft picks? - bp

Paymon said...

Armin and Clement can give a better synopsis, but here goes:

All in all, I thought the Giants overall draft was disappointing. At pick 20, many thought they should've taken left tackle Joe Staley. After seeing the Giants secondary get owned on a weekly basis, you can't be terribly upset with the Ross (cornerback) selection.

The selection of Steve Smith (WR) gives them a solid trio of Burress/Moss/Smith.

I wasn't crazy about their picks in rounds 3-5.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure how they'll be able to protect Eli so he can have enough time to complete passes to that trio.