Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pre-Pre-Preaseason NFL Picks

So the NFL revealed its 2007 regular season schedule earlier in the week. What better time for me to make my nonsensical pre-pre-preseason picks? Yes, I realize there's still a lot of free agency left, and still that pesky draft, and many other potential off-season maneuvers left to be made. But, I figured that I could combine where teams are now with my gut feelings, and see what that would add up to. Besides, the evil Dr. Z of has yet to do this (I think), so I get to beat him to the punch on something. (On a separate note, feel free to bombard "Dr." Z with e-mails, via his "Mailbag" column, pelting him for his hatred of Art Monk).

The records are generated from picking the weekly winners, not just saying "Oh, I think the Bears will be 13-3." The results were a bit more lopsided that I would have hoped, and I'm sure some homer-ism kicked in when the Redskins wound up winning the NFC East. But that's why it's a pre-pre-preseason set of picks. Feel free to blast away, ripping me to shreds and whatnot. I can take it ... (I think).


NFC East

* Washington 10-6

** Dallas 10-6

Philadelphia 9-7

NY Giants 6-10

The balanced run attack of Portis/Betts allows for Campbell to ease into his first full season as QB. The Skins win the weak NFC East.

NFC North

* Chicago 13-3

** Green Bay 11-5

Minnesota 3-13

Detroit 2-14

The Bears season is predictable, but the Packers manage to pull one solid season together for Favre. A schedule packed with the Lions, Vikes, Raiders and Chiefs doesn't hurt either.

NFC South

* New Orleans 12-4

Atlanta 9-7

Carolina 4-12

Tampa Bay 2-14

Deuce and Reggie steal the show again in the South. John Fox gets fired with 5 weeks left in the season, and Jeff Garcia only starts 4 games for the Bucs.

NFC West

* San Francisco 12-4

Arizona 9-7

St. Louis 6-10

Seattle 5-11

The Cardinals do decent for their rookie head coach. But it's the '49ers who continue to progress behind Alex Smith and Frank Gore.


AFC East

* New England 14-2

**NY Jets 12-4

Buffalo 5-11

Miami 5-11

The Pats and Jets dominate the AFC East. Belichick's offseason acquisitions pay off for Brady & Co. The Jets revel as Pennington manages to stay healthy once more and Leon Washington becomes a dependable back.

AFC North

* Baltimore 14-2

Cincinnati 6-10

Pittsburgh 6-10

Cleveland 3-13

B'more is the class of this underachieving division. Cincinnati will still suffer from the idiots on its team, and will really miss Chris Henry's presence in the red zone. Mike Tomlin needs another year with the Steelers.

AFC South

* Indianapolis 13-3

** Tennessee 11-5

Jacksonville 9-7

Houston 7-9

Tennessee continues it's second half run from last season due to Vince Young becoming the QB that Mike Vick never was. Jacksonville and Houston have respectable seasons as well, but the Colts are still the team to beat.

AFC West

* San Diego 13-3

Denver 11-5

Kansas City 4-12

Oakland 2-14

Norv Turner gets his best record as a head coach, and gives 1/2 his salary to L.T. Jay Cutler will do okay in his first full season, but the Broncos will again lose out on the final playoff spot thanks to a mid-season loss to the Titans.

Wildcard Playoffs

San Francisco over Dallas - Wade Phillips is just happy to have made the playoffs.

Green Bay over Washington - Campbell can't win his first playoff game ... A.J. Hawk can.

NY Jets over San Diego - See SF/Dallas, replace "Wade Phillips" with "Norv Turner."

Indianapolis over Tennessee - A phenomenal game, but Peyton's leadership comes through.

Divisional Playoffs

Green Bay over Chicago - What?!?!?!? Oh yeah, Rex Grossman is the QB. Favre's magical season continues.

New Orleans over San Francisco - Bush beats Gore, avenging a mid-season loss to the '49ers.

New England over NY Jets - Belichick beats his protege in the playoffs again thanks to his defense making a late stand (sound familiar?).

Baltimore over Indianapolis - This time, B'more's D sticks it to Peyton's arm. Addai can't win it without Rhodes by his side.

Conference Finals

Green Bay over New Orleans - WHA?!?! Somehow the Pack pulls off this low-scoring win at the Superdome.

Baltimore over New England - Defense is the key to the Conference championship weekend as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed hold the Pats to a field goal.

Super Bowl

Baltimore over Green Bay - No contest. Reality sets in on the Pack as Favre retires a runner-up. MVP - Ed Reed.

(Disclaimer: I was not on crack when making these picks. However, I may have been watching Frank Caliendo's impersonation of John Madden...)


Chris said...

Not being a homer AT ALL, the Chiefs will win more than 4 games. I will take a bet on this.

Anonymous said...

You must be on crack putting the Steelers at 6-10. 11-5 easily. Also the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals and Browns are in the AFC North, not central. Put the crack pipe down.

Anonymous said...

12-4 for SF and 11-5 for GB. Get the heck outta here. Neither of your Super Bowl teams will win a playoff team. Book it!

summy said...

hence these are the "pre-pre-preseason" picks. trust me, things will look much different in a few weeks. and i didnt know you could "win a playoff team" ...

Paymon said...

Winning a playoff team is beyond the scope of this site.

That John Madden clip is the best I've ever seen.