Friday, April 06, 2007

Crazy Eights: 8 Stories You Might’ve Missed

So it’s Friday night and I just logged a 7:30 to 3:30 teaching and a 4:00 to 9:30 at the school gym working. That means I’ll be asleep well before midnight and am officially ready to embark on a weekend where I sleep at least 14 hours a day. Can you say SPRING BREAK for teachers?

But before I throw out something witty and creative on Sunday for you all to enjoy (come on, play along with me), let’s check in on eight stories that seemed all too fitting to dabble with a bit on a fun-filled Friday night.

1) Eddie Curry’s last two games.
-Interesting or pathetic...I haven’t decided yet. Curry attempted 7 shots in a 92-90 loss to the 76ers on Wednesday night. He had 7 turnovers. Curry attempted 10 shots in a 96-92 defeat to the Timber Wolves tonight. He had 9 turnovers. The former 4th pick in the draft is now 7th in the NBA, as of Thursday night, in turnovers/game at 3.5. What’s most surprising is the players ahead of him. D-Wade, Iverson, Nash, Dwight Howard, Carmelo, and Yao. Unfortunately for Knicks brass/fans/anyone-who-bothers-to-speak-that-name, this is the only way Eddie gets mentioned amongst these types of talents.

2) David Carr has a new home
-"It's a case where we were obviously looking for someone to come in back up Jake and the opportunity to get a quarterback the caliber of David in free agency is unique," Panthers general manager Marty Hurney said. "We thought it was a good situation and a good opportunity for us." Translation: Jake Delhomme now has little-to-no job security. After last season’s rather putrid underachieving, the former golden boy of the Panthers now has a former #1- pick breathing down his neck. Enjoy that all season long.

-Apparently the NHL’s Southwest Division was clinched by the Atlanta Thrashers tonight. Wait one moment. Hold the phone.
Atlanta has a hockey team? There’s a Southwest Division? The NHL still exists? Could’ve fooled me. I thought they were still locked out. Small world I suppose.

4) M-M-Masters
-Gotta sneak this in quick before Pay bans me. Tiger is 5-back and Phil is 6-back. Barring a miracle Saturday run from either of the World’s top-2 players, CBS better hit the snooze button on drawing anything near a double-digit ratings share.

5) Good move for Goodell
-Already establishing himself as a more than competent replacement for Tags, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has established a six-member council of veteran players to advise him on a variety of issues, including player conduct. Who’s on the list? Glad you asked. Player’s Union President Troy Vincent, Takeo Spikes, Donovan Darius, Jeff Saturday, James Thrash, and Tony Richardson. While I can’t speak directly on their character, it’s a good move for Goodell to grab as many players on his side as he can. Especially with rather important, perhaps the best word is precedent, decisions lingering on Bengals oft-arrested wideout Chris Henry and the ‘Rain-Man’ Adam Jones [aka Pacman].

6) Assante Speaks
-Unable to garner the type of a long-term deal he desires – which is often difficult under the franchise tag – Assante Samuel is ready to push the Lance Briggs button [i.e. TRADE ME NOW!] with the Patriots. While hardly as vocal an issue as other NFL players this offseason, the Pats would be smart to keep the talented Samuel around. While his 10 INTs last year were an anomaly when compared to previous stats; he was a stud in the playoffs and remains the only truly reliable player these days coming out of the Patriots secondary. I can’t believe I’m giving advice to the Patriots. Only in a world where
Atlanta has a hockey team…

7) Amazin’ METS!
-Who needs all those fancy-schmancy starting pitchers? The Mets are 4-0 after sweeping the defending champion Cardinals at Shea and thumping the Braves, often their greatest nemesis, in Atlanta. Sure it’s just the first week of the season; but the buzz in Shea is perhaps the Mets can make a run at 162-0. They’re just throwing it out there! Back off until they drop one pal!

8) Gotta love Sammy
-Yep, Sammy Sosa is officially back. Even on a rather awkward check-swing attempt, Sosa picks up the key RBI in a Rangers Friday night victory over the Sox (of the Red variety). He’s 2-10 with 4 Ks on the year thus far. Nevertheless, he’s in an MLB uniform (for now) and I’ll pull for him (for now). Key word, in case you missed it: for now. For now.

That’s all I got. Except that Ray Durham is currently hitting clean-up in the Giants lineup (and thus protecting Barry Bonds). I love that. I’m also rooting for Bonds this year. Why? Because nobody else will and I love messing with purists. Two birds with one Clement-laden stone.

PS: Sopranos/Entourage back this Sunday. Yeah, I think I’ll wake up for that duo.

See you all Sunday…

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