Monday, April 23, 2007

2007 Mock Draft: The Calvin Johnson Version
by Armin Mohajeri

Obviously, I'm not a fan of the Raiders taking Calvin Johnson, or else I wouldn't make a version of my mock draft called "The Calvin Johnson Version." Consider it a tribute to the top player in the draft. I'm not going to believe the hype surrounding the Raiders negotiating with Jamarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson. Then again, I didn't believe the hype surrounding the Texans overlooking both Reggie Bush and Vince Young for Mario Williams.

1. Oakland: Calvin Johnson, WR - Georgia Tech
The best player in this draft. Look for Randy Moss to be shipped elsewhere

2. Detroit: Jamarcus Russell, QB - LSU
Detroit is all over the place. If Jamarcus Russell is available, I believe he's the pick. However, if he's not, I can see Detroit trading down

3. Cleveland: Adrian Peterson, RB - Oklahoma
The Browns make the smart move and take Peterson. With Jamal Lewis around, many might think this is a stupid pick. However, Lewis has a 1 year contract. If Peterson drops past this pick, we could see a semi-significant fall for him

4. Tampa Bay: Joe Thomas, OT - Wisconsin
With Calvin Johnson out of the picture, look for Tampa to make add Thomas. He would be a permanent solution compared to their temporary solution, Luke Petitgout.

5. Arizona: Gaines Adams, DE - Clemson
The Cardinals defense is on the verge of being a top defense. However, Bert Berry's injuries and Chike Okaefor's ineffectiveness open the opportunity for Adams to step in and give this team a pass rush that it has lacked

6. Washington: Amobi Okoye, DT - Louisville
With Branch's recent news, Okoye's value takes a jump, and the Redskins choose not to pass up on this kid's vast potential. Landry could be an option, or the Skins could trade down to a team that wants Quinn

7. Minnesota: Brady Quinn, QB - Notre Dame
Regardless of them trading up to draft Travaris Jackson last year, the Vikings take Brady Quinn to lead their team.

8. Atlanta (from Houston): Jamaal Anderson, DE - Arkansas
With Anderson available, the Falcons choose him to start over Chauncey Davis.

9. Miami: Levi Brown, OT - Penn St.
Miami can no longer spew their "Anthony Alabi will be our starting left tackle" claim. Brown is their pick.

10. Houston (from Atlanta): LaRon Landry, S - LSU
Landry steps right in for Glen Earl. He gives this team the safety it has missed since it's inception

11. San Francisco: Patrick Willis, LB - Mississippi
Willis is an athletic LB running in the 4.3s, who is also the most mature and probably the purest leader in this draft. He will be the leader of the 9ers defense for years

12. Buffalo: Leon Hall, CB - Michigan
Addressing the loss of Clements, the Bills take Hall. While they like McGee and Yobouty, they are both #2's at best. Hall is their future #1

13. St. Louis: Alan Branch, DT - Michigan
Despite stress fractures in both legs, the Rams take the gamble. Branch fills a huge hole for them. Jimmy Kennedy never lived up to his status, and La'Roi Glover isn't fitting the system as well as the team would have liked.

14. Carolina: Reggie Nelson, S - Florida
Who would have thought Greg Olsen wouldn't be here? The Panthers choose to address their gaping hole in centerfield.

15. Pittsburgh: Jarvis Moss, DE - Florida
Moss will either play OLB in the 3-4 or DE in the Cover-2. Look for him to either unseat James Harrison or Brett Keisel.

16. Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB - California
Lynch fills the hole left when Ahman Green opted for Houston. Lynch brings a different style than Green. He could be a good tandem with the shifty Morency

17. Jacksonville: Anthony Sprencer, DE - Purdue
One of my favorites in the draft. Spencer fills a huge need for the Jags. He will be the bookend pass rusher to Reggie Hayward. Joe Thomas called him the best DE he ever faced

18. Cincinnati: Darrelle Revis, CB - Pittsburgh
While LB is a priority, this draft is deeper at LB than it is at CB. With Deltha O'neal rumored to be traded during the draft, the Bengals address the CB position first.

19. Tennessee: Robert Meachem, WR - Tennessee
One of my favorites in the draft. I feel that he's not THAT far off from Calvin Johnson. Vince Young gets a deep threat with some size and an impressive vertical leap. Plus Meachem is a hometown kid.

20. New York Giants: Joe Staley, OT - Central Michigan
A steal by the Giants. He could step into the left tackle spot immediately. One of the most athletic linemen to ever be drafted.

21. Denver: Adam Carriker, DE - Nebraska
Teams that passed on him will end up second-guessing themselves. Carriker is the kind of player that has football smarts and gets the job done on the field.

22. Dallas: Dwayne Jarrett, WR - USC
Word is that Jerrah Jones is quietly coveting Dwayne Jarrett. A great choice, as the Cowboys are in the position to take a gamble, as they are one of the deeper teams in the league

23. Kansas City: Dwayne Bowe, WR - LSU
Bowe gives the team a receiver who will ease pressure on Tony Gonzalez. Look for him to start, pushing Samie Parker to the slot.

24. New England (from Seattle): Jon Beason, LB - Miami
There is some debate over who the Pats actually covet. Beason is rumored to be atop their wish list of LBs that they can move inside and groom as a replacement to Bruschi and/or Vrabel. Posluszny could still be the pick.

25. New York Jets: Greg Olsen, TE - Miami
A missing piece of the offensive puzzle. Pennington lacks an underneath receiver. Olsen not only gives them that, but is also a deep threat at the position.

26. Philadelphia: Michael Griffen, S - Texas
Griffen fills the void left by the departure of Michael Lewis. He should ease things even more for Dawkins, as Griffen does well against the pass.

27. New Orleans: Paul Posluszny, LB - Penn St.
With Jason David coming aboard, CB takes a back seat. Posluszny is the best player available, and the Saints are smart to nab him at this pick

28. New England: Aaron Ross, CB - Texas
The Patriots choose to go with the Thorpe Award winner. More than any team, the Patriots know the value of depth at CB. This could also ease the possible trade of Samuel

29. Baltimore: Ryan Kalil, C - USC
The Ravens must address their offensive line. Posluszny could be attractive though.

30. San Diego: Teddy Ginn, Jr., WR - Ohio St.
In dire need of a WR, the Chargers take Ginn, who will stretch their defense. Chris Houston could also be the pick, if available. Don't rule out Brandon Meriweather

31. Chicago: Lawrence Timmons, LB - Florida St.
Chicago is deep, and can use the best player available strategy. Timmons could eventually replace Briggs, if the team chooses to either trade him or not re-sign him.

32. Indianapolis: Chris Houston, CB - Arkansas
Cover-2 teams don't need the best corners to survive. In fact, they don't exactly need corners with speed like Houston. They need tacklers at the CB position. However, Houston is too enticing to pass up.
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Paymon said...

I know that not all have access to your full mock including 2nd & 3rd round. A few questions ...

1) Any chance that Doug Free breaks into the 2nd round?

2) Is there any credence to the rumor of New England taking David Harris (currently in your 3rd round) with the 28th pick?

Armin said...

1) Free makes it to the 2nd round if there's a run on offensive linemen. He could be looked at as a guard, and some teams could even project him to left tackle. I personally project him to right tackle for now. Everything depends on the team that takes him. I've seen him ranked as the 6th Offensive Tackle in the draft, and I've seen him as low as the 10th.

2) Harris is an interesting one. On the field, he's everything you're looking for, off the field, his numbers leave something to be desired. Nearly zero upside in this kid. Keep in mind, we're talking about New England. They tend to go against the grain at times in the draft. Interesting thing about this draft is, many of the LBs projected to play the outside, can easily switch to the inside, pushing Harris way down the list at MLB.

3) If I had to pick a player that I dropped much lower than he should go, it would be Tim Crowder (DE, Texas). I just couldn't find the right fit. However, the draft isn't always about the best fit, sometimes it's about the best player available.

Anonymous said...

Do the Colts get any compensation for the Saints signing Jason David? Was he a restricted free agent?

Armin said...

Update on David Harris: I guess I should get ready to eat crow on this one. Not only is New England interested...Denver is interested as well. I'll wait to see what happens though. I still think it's a reach for a player who's potential may have topped out in college.